When You Were Me is a gay themed novel by Robert Rodi. It tells the story of a middle age man, Jack Ackerly, who regrets how his life turns out to be.. although he is filthy rich. His boyfriend left him, and he finds himself living a life not fulfilled. He longs to be young. He wants the energy of a young man. He wants fun in his life. He wants sex.

Corey Szaslo is a young man, who has the energy, fun and plenty of sex in his life. What he does not have is financial security. When his good friend moves into a new expensive place, Corey begins to question where he is heading.. He owns nothing but a rented flat, and a bicycle, which is stolen eventually.

So, when they meet, one thing leads to another, they decide to switch.

I had always wanted to read Robert Rodi's work. With interesting titles such as Closet Case and Kept Boy, I am curious if his writing is as entertaining as his contribution to the gay themed film, The Birdcage, starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. But the only book I can find is this When You Were Mine.

I couldn't help but to wonder as I read this gay book, if Robert's work is done in such a way where it is hoping for another film production. It makes it less natural in story-telling wise for a novel.

I want to say that I love the book. It was great. But I can't. I don't hate the book. But I don't buy the storyline. Imagine a 53 year old man who changes body with a 26 year old hunk, and all Jack did was staying away from clubs and more.. where the hook-ups are. If I were someone whining about the lack of sex life, and somehow, by miracle, I got myself a 26 year old hot body, I would be jamming the body all night long... And I would not go back to my old ex, who is busy dating younger guys... Sure I would have the feeling for my ex, if he was portrayed as a nice guy. But Harry was not. He was a slut. So, why did Harry win in the end?

I don't buy it.

So, my curiousity of the work quality of Closet Case and Kept Boy is gone.

When You Were Me is okay, but not great.

Oh, I have always wanted this.. a guy who sings about some boys kissed him, some boys hugged him... Yeah, I am talking about a male version of Material Girl, except that the chorus part remains intact, with the guy still singing about him being a Material Girl. Sigh.. So gay, and yet, not gay enough.

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