Imagine a world where boy-love prevails. This means that a world where boys have crushes over boys, and boys fighting to win over other boys' love. Then, welcome to the world of Takumi Kun Series, a Japanese gay themed film based on the famous yaoi series.

In this delightful film, with many cute young Japanese actors, Takumi (Tomo Yanagishita) finds himself the center of school attention when the school popular guy, Gii (Keisuke Kato), has the eyes for him. However, Takumi has 'human phobia'. He does not respond to touches so comfortably. As the friendship and relationship progress, Takumi learns more of Gii's dedication to protect him, and Gii, in return, learns of Takumi's fear.

Keisuke Kato is definitely an eye-candy for the show. My only complain was that the male actors of the show did not dare to embrace fully the plot that required them to kiss. It was disappointing to find that they turned their heads away, and we are left to believe that they indeed kissed. And I prefer other actor to Tomo to be the lead.

Other than this, the gay themed movie fit the idea of a light, loving drama. Beautiful, like a yaoi series, indeed. :)

From the album Making Movies (1980), popular band Dire Straits covered this gay song that suggests Les Boys like and don't like.

Les boys do cabaret
Les boys are glad to be gay
They're not afraid now
Disco bar in germany
Les boys are glad to be
Upon parade now

Les boys got leather straps
Les boys got ss caps
But they got no gun now
Get dressed up get a little risque
Got to do a little s & m these days
Its all in fun now

Les boys come on again
For the high class whores
And the businessmen
Who drive in their mercedes benz
To a disco bar in old munchen

They get the jokes that the d.j. makes
They get nervous and they make mistakes
They're bad for business
Some tourist take a photograph
Les boys dont get one laugh
He says they're useless

Late at night when they're gone away
Les boys dream of Jean Genet
High heel shoes and a black beret
And the posters on the wall that say
Les boys do cabaret
Les boys are glad to be gay

Elle wrote 'Combines the coolness of Queer As Folk with the tenderness of Adrian Mole'. I love Adrian Mole. And I love Queer As Folk. And I love a book about gay teen coming out. Except that in this novel, Jarold (Jaz) has already come out. He is trying to get what any gay teen tries to get.

A life.

So, along with Asian Alice (Al), Jaz tries to make sense of his life, stuck with parents he can't stand, with a sister he calls The Nun, schoolmates who bullies him - Fabian, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum and F**k Face. And oh yeah, the gay teacher in school tries to ruin his night when he catches him and Al in the pub, especially because Jaz and Al are underage.

Jaz meets Jon, and nothing happens, because this book aims to ruin the fun of reading. So, instead of hot steamy sex, we have Jaz unable to get his thing up, and Jon gets the surprise to know that Jaz looks older than his real underage age.

This gay novel won Betty Trask Prize in 2007.

This gay book is nowhere near Adrian Mole's goofiness. Nor funny. Instead, I found myself hating Jaz, and thinking that he was the worst gay character ever created - other than all those in Dante's Cove, The Lair and the B-Grade gay themed films. If people start bashing gay guys after reading this gay book, I won't be surprised. Jaz was irritating.

The way the book was written - I'm like, She's like, He's like... How much can one take reading the whole book where dialogs are started that way... I was going crazy.

No one seems to be doing anything right in Jaz's eyes in the book, other than Grandma and the idiotic fag hag Al. Mary (the girl who has a crush on Jaz), Higgs, the school teacher or anyone else. Jaz is a selfish bastard, who goes nowhere near Queer As Folk kinkiness, spicy and tempting life and sex style.

Considering the time I took to finish reading this gay teen story book, Will Davis's My Side of the Story is the longest short book I have ever read. Every chapter that is still waiting for me to read on is like a torture.

This year, my only great finds among the gay themed films until yesterday were The Curiosity of Chance and The Love of Siam. And then, came A Four Letter Word.

Casper Andreas directed and co-wrote the film with Jesse Archer, who acted as the male lead, Luke. Casper Andreas? He directed Slutty Summer, which was not even in my list of favorite gay themed films. So, he kinda surprised me with this offering. This show was marvelous.

The scripts were well written, funny, sharp and witty. The actors carried out their roles convincingly, including Charlie David (Stephen), whose charm in Dante's Cove was already wearing off on me, until this film.

I love a movie that is not stingy on beautiful male nudity, and at the beginning, Luke's cute blonde sidekick Peter (Steven M Goldsmith) had already flashed his downsouth treasure.

Luke slept with any hunk. Any. Any night would be a night with the sexual pleasure, fourgy, orgy, twosome etc. Until he met Stephen, where he began to re-examine his way. Upset by Zeke (Cory Grant)'s comment, he wanted to go monogamy. But Stephen had secrets of his own, which none turned out easy to be believed.

There are other plots in the movie as well, but hey, my whole attention was on the cute male ones only - Luke, Stephen, Peter and the other two gay couples. And the other hunky gay yummy characters in the show.

This is a spicy show. Imagine Queer As Folk within 1 1/2 hours. Imagine all those hot bodies grind together. Imagine those hot crotches fondled and squeezed. You have them all in A Four Letter Word.

I love this film. : )

It has already won Best Feature Film in the Audience Award in Fort Worth Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, and Andreas and Archer won Best Screenplay in LA Outfest.


A gay romantic comedy, witty and charming enough to stand up to any boy-meets-girl date flick in the megaplexes.
- Phil Villarrea, Arizona Daily Star

It’s always a treat when a movie seems to be exactly the movie that the filmmakers intended to make, and their audience wants to see. It’s also a treat when it’s a good movie, too.
-Tim Cogshell, Boxoffice Magazine

A Four Letter Word is a surprisingly endearing romantic comedy that explores gay relationships with low-budget verve.
-Jeannette Catsouli, New York Times

Whenever a promo photo of an unheard film looked this good, I didn't really want to count on the film too much. I didn't want to get my hope up to high.

Spencer Schilly wrote and directed this gay film about a houseboy who is in a 3-way relationship with a couple who are into open relationship. As they leaves him to take care of the house, Ricky (Nick May) contemplates on taking his own life on Christmas. He wants his dead body to be the present to the couple upon their returns.

All because they are leaving him.
So, with a plot like this, the movie is boring, right? Fortunately, I was attracted by the amount of the nudity, and I say, male nudity. Unfortunately, none of the cuter guys was a male lead, and I had to bear with the eagerness for a glimpse of nudity among the cuter men, and to find that I am ok with the story overall.

The first guy Ricky picked up was an ugly guy with an uglier hair who claimed that he liked girls, but guys gave good heads. So, he followed Ricky home. The second guy was a guy from the net, and thank heaven he was cute, and flashed his ass to the camera. Unfortunately, I could get any glimpse of his jewel. Eventually there was this guy who was cheating on his boyfriend, and he was cute.

Sadly, the only clear semi-hard organ to be seen in this film is of an older man. So much for a fun-killer.

Ricky met Blake at the garden, the only guy who would sleep with him on the first 'date'. And Blake was the one who managed to delay Ricky's attempt to take his life.

I am alright with this gay themed film. It's worth spending my Saturday morning for. : )

When something happened to Danilo (Daniel Tavares)'s parents, he took over the responsibility of taking care of Lucas (Eduardo Melo), his younger brother. This affected his relationship with Marcos (Diego Torraca). This wonderful gay short film talks about the relationship of these three, of how Lucas was cold at the beginning to Marcos, but eventually warmed up to the idea of having Marcos around.

Café Com Leite was written and directed by Daniel Ribeiro, and won Best Short Film awards in Berlin Film Festival (2008), Miami Brazilian Film Festival (2008) and the Audience Award in Torino International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (2008). Riberio won Best Director in Cuiaba Film and Video Festiva (2008) for Best Short Film. It's a Brazilian production.

Found it in Youtube.. but the subtitle is in Mandarin.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

What if this world is where boy is supposed to love boy, and girl with girl? And in this perfect world, there is this imperfect Justin (Ben Hogestyn) who is different. He is in love with a she. But because the society cannot accept such different love concept, Joanne (Emily Brooke Hands) is unable to commit herself to Justin. And Justin is left to face a world where he cannot return love for Bobby (Bo Gorman).

Ain't love strange in a gay world, in a gay life? Different is an interesting gay short film.

I just noticed that the link in Youtube is disabled. So, I have to redirect you guys to this link -

In Steve Kluger's wonderful world of fictional, and addictive, characters, popped along an Asian boy. who is basicaly Bette Davis, Lisa Minelli, Judy Garland etc all rolled into one. And Augie Hwong did not know he was gay, unlike his Pop, Mom, Dad, Tick (his brother), Ale (his brother's secret flame) and others who knew.

Until he met Andy. And both lived in denial.

I love this book. Primarily because it is written by the witty and delightful Steve Kluger. He has ways to introduce lovable characters, gay or gay-not.

And in this book, one cannot help but to fall in love with Tick, Ale, Augie, Dad, Pop, Mom, Lori and more. And even Julie Andrews. And of course, Hucky.

This book talks about the three teenagers, Tick, Augie and Ale, and their coming of age experience, plus Augie's coming out. And when I thought the whole Tick's section would be focused on whether he gets the girl or not, Kluger cleverly introduced Mary Poppin through Huck, the 6 year old deaf kid. For Hucky, Tick grew up, taking the role of what he imagined his late mom would do for him as he did for Hucky.

I shed tears.

This is a good book - My Most Excellent Year. This is officially my second top favourite book of Steve Kluger, after his marvelous Almost Like Being in Love.

Fresh from his contribution to the soundtrack of Brokeback Mountain, Willie Nelson was able to come up with a gay song that hit the Billboard Hot 100 at no.52. Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other was originally sung by Ned Sublette, and covered by Pansy Division as well. I just love a good song that is unashamedly professing love between two good, hard men. ;p

Well, there's many a strange impulse out on the plains of West Texas.
There's many a young boy who feels things he can't comprehend.
And a small town don't like it when somebody falls between sexes.
No, a small town don't like it when a cowboy has feelings for men.

And I believe to my soul that inside every man there's the feminine.
And inside every lady there's a deep manly voice loud and clear.
Well, a cowboy may brag about things that he's done with his women.
But the ones who brag loudest are the ones that are most likely queer.

Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other.
Say, what do you think all them saddles and boots was about?
And there's many a cowboy who don't understand the way that he feels for his brother.
And inside every cowboy there's a lady that'd love to slip out.

And there's always somebody who says what the others just whisper.
And mostly that someone's the first one to get shot down dead.
So when you talk to a cowboy don't treat him like he was a sister.
You can't fuck with a lady that's sleepin' in each cowboy's head.

Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other.
What did you think all them saddles and boots was about?
And there's many a cowboy who don't understand the way that he feels for his brother.
And inside every lady there's a cowboy who wants to come out.
And inside every cowboy there's a lady that'd love to slip out.

Not that this photo is related directly to the song, but it never hurts to show a pic of the late Spencer.

A typical alpha male. Hot, by the way. As he rushes through the morning, preparing for work, the ad also shows how another in the house is busy cleaning up the mess. Not that we can see the face of the cleaner, but we are watching the gloves moving around in the house, cleaning.

So, typical household, huh? Except that we get to see the one who wears the gloves, and get the kiss from the hunk as the hunk rushes out to his car.

Gay ad. Gay, gay, gay. Not that I am complaining. ;p

From their Totally Crushed Out! album in 1995, the group That Dog. came out with a gay song cutely named as He's Kissing Christian. Not that we are expecting some genius lyrics, but it's kinda sweet that the lyrics is asking for the gay guy to come out. :)

He's kissing Christian and it's making him feel backwards
He's kissing Christian cuz he's such a successful bachelor
He's kissing Christian and it's making my back hurt
He's kissing Christian and it's making you cry.

Come out Come out Where ever you are
Come out Come out Where ever you are
Come out Come out Come out
Come out Come out
Where ever you are

He's kissing Christian and he's taking it like a beating
He's kissing Christian and it's seeming like he's cheating
He's kissing Christian and it's keeping me from eating
He's kissing Christian and it's making you high

Come out Come out Come out
Come out Come out
Where ever you are
Come out Come out Where ever you are
Come out Come out Where ever you are

He's kissing Christian
He's kissing Christian
He's kissing Christian
And it's making you die

Okay. This is a good gay anthem. Or a good song for anyone who just wanna claims his or her happiness. I Was Born This Way, written by Jones and Spierer, and made popular by Carl Bean, is a proper gay song about a man celebrating his sexuality. There's nothing shameful about being gay.

Amen to that.

I'm walking through life in nature's disguise
You laugh at me and you criticize
Just because I'm happy, I'm carefree
And I'm gay, yes, I'm gay
T'ain't a fault tis a factI was born this way

You call me strange cause you don't understand
God's roll for me in life's overall plan
Oh yes, I'm happy, I'm carefree
And I'm gay, yes, I'm gay
T'ain't a fault tis a factI was born this way

Now I won't judge you and you don't judge me
We're all the way nature meant us to be
Just human beings -- born to be free
I can't be you and you can't be me
T'ain't a fault tis a fact, t'ain't a fault tis a fact
I was born this way

I've learned to hold my head up high
Not in scorn nor disgrace
Doing my thing individually
Entwined with the human race
Grooving in time -- playing in space

Oh, yes, I'm happy, I'm carefree
And I'm gay, yes, I'm gay
It'ain't a fault tis a fact
Yes, I was born this way

So be happy, be carefree
Yeah, ain't nothing wrong with being a little gay
T'ain't a fault tis a fact
I was really really born this way

I'm happy, I'm carefree
Yeah, I'm gay

I was not sure about posting up gay Parodies, but hey, why not? If the gay song is cute, I think it should have a space in my blog. So, here we go... the first gay song slash gay parody.. Gay Barbie. I just love to sing "Ken is such man"

Hi-Ya Garrets!!
Hi Raul!!
You Wanna Go For a Ride?
On What?

Barbies Such a Bitch
She Is Just A Witch
I Really Hate Her
Why Does Ken Date Her?

Ken Is Such Man
I Do All I Can
Just To Do Him(Yes)
We Just Wanna Screw Him

(Shes Such A Bitch I Wanna Scratch Her Eyes Out)

I have Dreams About Ken
Being Inside My Den
And We Hold And We Kiss
Like Were SweetHearts

But That Barbies A Slut
With Her Cute Little Butt
And I Guess Ken Likes Boobs
Made of Fake Parts

And I Cry Everyday
Cause Straight Up
That Bitch Is In My Way!


Barbie Is A Bitch
She Is Just A Witch
I Really Hate Her
Why Does Ken Date Her?

Ken Is Such A Man
I Do All I Can
Just To Do Him
We Wanna Screw Him

When I See Her
I Will Knee Her


I Will Punch Her
And Ill Crunch Her

...oOoHh Ohhh Yes...

Hey Garrets
What Raul
Look Whos Over There
Well If It Isnt Barbie Without Ken
And That Stupid Caifornia Dream Van
Hey Barbie Its Us
Come Over Here..Look
Right Over Here Missy

I remember an old posting of mine which featured a comic strip that involved a gay character. Unfortunately, I did not see much of the gay character since...

This is from my old posting.


This is the first time I am seeing a teenage gay in a famous comic strip.. but I do wonder how much provocation this is gonna cost, since that gay is labelled as lame.. well, I know that the comic strip did not spell it that way, but knowing the world, their loopholes for them to explore.

Basically, if people wanna complain, people will complain. It is a matter of a black can call another black, but when others call them black, it is a sensitive issue. Don't think that gays are unlike. We are talking about emotionally-expressive people here..

Me thinks Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman are cooking up gay storm here... hahaha..

Personally, I hope to see more Billy.


I wrote to zits - Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman

"Hey guys,
I am Jonathan from ********, where I read your comic Zits in the local newspaper. I have been following Zits for a while, and what was shown today got me to write my first mail to any comic strip writers.
I must applaud you guys for coming with the character Billy. I do not know how the reaction would be like (in) America, since that the word lame and gay are used together. I am not really bothered about this, but more like amazed that there is a famous running comic strip with a gay teen, or a gay character.
It's about time.
I do hope to see more of Billy in future.
Thank you for making the day different. It was an interesting morning.

And this was what I get from Jim Borgman -
"Jonathan, thanks for your email and your words of support. We are
hearing from people who liked and disliked the strip, but we thought
it was important. Here in the states, teenagers are using the word
gay disrespectfully even though they may have gay friends. It's an
interesting development we felt we should comment on.

All the best,
Jim Borgman"

This is another short video that pokes fun about guys who claim that they are not gay. This one is funny. So, how do two alpha male guys prove that they are not gay? Hehehe... This short gay film by the thebsquad is charming.

Okay, educate me. I don't get the ad. How is it related to the gay community? Why is this ad considered as a gay ad?

One clue I got from the ad was the video named 'Hot Rods', which was one of the HOT vintage gay porn video classic, but the glimpse of the video was showing a film of a guy with two chicks. So... hmmm.. perhaps not.

But bless the cute boy, who seems to be eying his 3 available male friends. Experiment?

Anyone out there to help me?

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