In Steve Kluger's wonderful world of fictional, and addictive, characters, popped along an Asian boy. who is basicaly Bette Davis, Lisa Minelli, Judy Garland etc all rolled into one. And Augie Hwong did not know he was gay, unlike his Pop, Mom, Dad, Tick (his brother), Ale (his brother's secret flame) and others who knew.

Until he met Andy. And both lived in denial.

I love this book. Primarily because it is written by the witty and delightful Steve Kluger. He has ways to introduce lovable characters, gay or gay-not.

And in this book, one cannot help but to fall in love with Tick, Ale, Augie, Dad, Pop, Mom, Lori and more. And even Julie Andrews. And of course, Hucky.

This book talks about the three teenagers, Tick, Augie and Ale, and their coming of age experience, plus Augie's coming out. And when I thought the whole Tick's section would be focused on whether he gets the girl or not, Kluger cleverly introduced Mary Poppin through Huck, the 6 year old deaf kid. For Hucky, Tick grew up, taking the role of what he imagined his late mom would do for him as he did for Hucky.

I shed tears.

This is a good book - My Most Excellent Year. This is officially my second top favourite book of Steve Kluger, after his marvelous Almost Like Being in Love.


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