This year, my only great finds among the gay themed films until yesterday were The Curiosity of Chance and The Love of Siam. And then, came A Four Letter Word.

Casper Andreas directed and co-wrote the film with Jesse Archer, who acted as the male lead, Luke. Casper Andreas? He directed Slutty Summer, which was not even in my list of favorite gay themed films. So, he kinda surprised me with this offering. This show was marvelous.

The scripts were well written, funny, sharp and witty. The actors carried out their roles convincingly, including Charlie David (Stephen), whose charm in Dante's Cove was already wearing off on me, until this film.

I love a movie that is not stingy on beautiful male nudity, and at the beginning, Luke's cute blonde sidekick Peter (Steven M Goldsmith) had already flashed his downsouth treasure.

Luke slept with any hunk. Any. Any night would be a night with the sexual pleasure, fourgy, orgy, twosome etc. Until he met Stephen, where he began to re-examine his way. Upset by Zeke (Cory Grant)'s comment, he wanted to go monogamy. But Stephen had secrets of his own, which none turned out easy to be believed.

There are other plots in the movie as well, but hey, my whole attention was on the cute male ones only - Luke, Stephen, Peter and the other two gay couples. And the other hunky gay yummy characters in the show.

This is a spicy show. Imagine Queer As Folk within 1 1/2 hours. Imagine all those hot bodies grind together. Imagine those hot crotches fondled and squeezed. You have them all in A Four Letter Word.

I love this film. : )

It has already won Best Feature Film in the Audience Award in Fort Worth Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, and Andreas and Archer won Best Screenplay in LA Outfest.


A gay romantic comedy, witty and charming enough to stand up to any boy-meets-girl date flick in the megaplexes.
- Phil Villarrea, Arizona Daily Star

It’s always a treat when a movie seems to be exactly the movie that the filmmakers intended to make, and their audience wants to see. It’s also a treat when it’s a good movie, too.
-Tim Cogshell, Boxoffice Magazine

A Four Letter Word is a surprisingly endearing romantic comedy that explores gay relationships with low-budget verve.
-Jeannette Catsouli, New York Times


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