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Taylor Adam is sent to Straight to God school when his parents find out that he like boys. Well, not just all boys - just his boyfriend - Will. There, Taylor is expected to live as a good Christian and repents his ungodly love for another man. Taylor meets other young guys and girls who are there for several reasons, other than being gay. Taylor thinks that it is going to be unbearable 6 weeks to stay away from his loving boyfriend, but as the days progress, Taylor begin to learn about the problems guys and girls his age face, and the problem posed by the expectation of society.

A few months ago, I read God Box by Alex Sanchez. I thought that was a good book because Alex managed to bring together arguments one can find from the net on the acceptance or lack of acceptance of homosexuality by Christianity and a fictional story. I liked the novel because it was light and easy to follow and did clear a few questions of mine.

Thinking Straight is a good book too. In fact, I am finding myself engrossed to the book because this time, it talks about young guys and girls who are trapped in such institution who believes that it is doing these young people a favor by trying to change them into who they are not. Such institution imposes rules and regulations because the people who are running such institutions are unable to accept the existence of such love.

The book does shed some light on the possibility of how the young people can be mismanaged. And how things can go wrong. Pitifully wrong.

However, I have to say that I did prefer the ending to be purely based on the debate and argument on the perceptions of Christianity as well as those who assume that they are qualified enough to interpret the bible. However, I can still accept that the turnout at the end was one of the few possible ways to end a good gay book like this.

Judging from the cover, it looked like another film that I would love to watch - one, it's about young gay love. Two, it's another offering from the East.

Krit is gay. He wants his best friend, Win, who is straight. Krit is frustrated and his jealousy is shown clearly, as he wants girls to stay away from his best friend. Krit devices any plan to keep Win to himself, including a hike to see a famous, secluded waterfall. The first attempt fails because Win brings along two girls who do not want to hike too far into the forest. The second time fails too, because it is too late in the night.

I have lost count of the number of gay films from Thailand and Philippines, but it does look like these two countries are not shy from producing more gay themed films. Thailand has several great films under its belt - The Love of Siam, Iron Ladies, Bangkok Love, Right By Me etc. So, there was a high expectation from me on this young gay film, and boy, was I disappointed. This film banks on one theme - let's hate the gays. Krit is shown as the selfish gay who refuses to give up the belief that a straight guy wants nothing more than just a friendship. His persistent attempt to tempt Win makes gays look like they are devils, who are already assumed (wrongly) of trying to convert straights into gays. I have to admire the actor who is acting as Krit, because his eyes really showed his displeasure of having girls around the straight Win.

From the beginning, gays, through Krit, are painted as the bad guys. And even after Krit managed to seduce Win for one night stand, Krit went bonkers. Krit went to a carcass of a dead animal and slept beside it, knowing that the beast that killed the animal could return anytime. Despite Win's persuasion, Krit just lied there in the dark.

Damn stupid film.

You know.. this kind of book should come with a warning.. a book with 60 to 80 percent straight content, with a young gay character floating in between the paragraphs, and nothing more.

I like Tom Dolby's first work - The Trouble Boy. It was stupid of me to think that his second work would be involving a significant gay character's progress of coming out and coming of age. The Sixth Form is nowhere my expectation.

I am sorry. I paid for this book. So, I deserve to bitch about it if I am not happy. It is not like the book is cheap in my country. This book is equivalent to 10 meals for me. Sigh...

To be fair, The Sixth Form is a well-written book. It is about Ethan, a straight young guy (why only after reading the book that I know this??), who goes to Berkeley and befriends a closeted gay, Todd. In the school too, Ethan becomes too friendly with a pretty 36 year old school teacher, Hannah, who seduces him and takes away his virginity.

What frustrates me is that when I bought and started reading, I was expecting a gay novel. I thought I was paying for one. I mean, Tom Dolby wrote one - The Trouble Boy. Why shouldn't I expect him to stay on the course? Pages later, I realized that I am reading about the screwed-up straight world, which I could have read in any other novels.

It's like Bart Yates - after two novels, he decided to write one - The Distance Between Us, which focuses more on straight characters.. Sigh..

I swear I won't be buying the next Tom Dolby's book, unless I am pretty sure it is a pure 100% gay content.

Damn. What a waste of money for my gay book collection.

Remember Robert Hoffman - the hot guy with fine lean abs in Step Up 2? Well, he has a short film on Youtube. It's cool. It's about a guy, who has trouble with relationship, and he dreams of dating himself.

Damn! Two Robert Hoffman? This world has just gone more perfect than gay.

A nice short gay film.

Jack Francisco is a wanted man. Jack has witnessed three brothers killed a woman. D, a professional killer, is sent to kill Jack. Instead of doing his job, D ends protecting Jack and helps Jack to escape from hitmen who are sent to hunt them down, as well as keeping Jack away from FBI as it has already failed to protect Jack.

What D fails to calculate in his mission is his eventual feeling for Jack, and Jack's feeling for him in return.

Jane Seville has a winner here. This is one of the best gay novels in the market. I was captivated by the story and wanted to know more, while yearning for the safety of the main characters, no matter if it was for the forced-to-be-independent Jack or the cold D.

However, I have to say that there were a few areas which did not click with me. I did not fall for the plot where D become all mushy on the phone with Megan when Jack was teasing him. D did not seem to be such a person to let his professionalism or his cover-up down so much.

And Jack whined a little too much on 'communicating'.

And when the thrill of being chased by the bad guys at the end had ended, the story should have wrapped up as soon as possible. I did not understand why the story still had to drag on. It was like I was already prepared to leave the cinema, satisfied, and then suddenly there were more on the screen, instead of the rolling credits.

Jane Seville produced a believable work. Something I felt like she had thought well of the possible consequences, and to a certain extent, made me believe she had dealt with such crimes and FBI issues that she could produce such believable thriller plots.

I love this book.

The Fabre family has just moved into the neighborhood. Hanna (Michèle Laroque) and Pierre (Jean-Philippe Écoffey) have 4 children - one girl and three boys. Well, maybe not 3 boys. Ludo (Georges Du Fresne) believes that he is a girl. A seven year old girl. He likes to dress up as a girl and play dolls. He does not play sports like the other boys, because he believes that he is a girl God has built wrongly - forgetting an X for him, instead of the Y he is trapped with - an XY. And Ludo is obsessed to be Pam, the Barbie-alike, instead of wanting to be Ben, the guy in the Pam-Ben package.

I often prefer coming out and coming of age stories, where the film deals with a teenage guy falls in love with another guy. So, for me, to watch Ma Vie En Rose and to think of the trans issue, is usually a non-interest topic for me. But it was hard to be not interested when the movie was made so well.

Ma Vie En Rose is co-written (with Chris Vander Stappen) and directed by Alain Berliner. It is a marvelous film, deserved to awed over again and again. It is an uplifting story about the world of a kid, and how the kid should be understood, instead of being judged. It's about us not imposing thoughts and ideas on others, when they don't fit into our stereotyped world.

I was enchanted by the bond shared between Hanna and Ludo. The mother-son relationship was the center of the story, and not of Ludo obsession to marry his neighbor boy, Jerome. It was Hanna who initially protected Ludo's confusion with his identity when Pierre was upset. Count in Elizabeth (Hélène Vincent), Ludo's liberal-thinking grandma, to support Ludo through his obsession to cross-dress. And the psychiatrist's treatment was not working well for Ludo, who was already forced to deny his inner thoughts and feelings.

Eventually Ludo's issue became a cause of concern among the neighbors, including Pierre's boss, Jerome's father. When Pierre lost his job, it was the protective Hanna who lost her cool, and started to treat Ludo coldly.

I was puzzled with Pierre's sudden turn-around as the accepting father. Somehow, he emerged as the guy who was cool with Ludo's inability to adapt. Hanna became the temperamental one.

The near-ending scene was a touching one, where adults are taught to be more open-minded and not to lose oneself in our expectation of how a world should be.

A marvelous movie.


  • Won 1997 Golden Swan in Cabourg Romantic Film Festival
  • Won 1997 Best Screenwriter in European Film Awards
  • Won 1997 Jury Award for Best Film and Presidential Award for Best Foreign Language Film in Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival
  • Won 1998 Outstanding Film (Limited Release) in GLAAD Media Awards
  • Won 1998 Best Foreign Language Film in Golden Globes, USA
  • Won 1997 Box Office Award in Joseph Plateau Awards
  • Won 1997 Crystal Globe in Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
  • Won 1997 Best Film Award in Molodist International Film Festival
  • Won 1997 FIPRESCI Prize in Sarajevo Film Festival
  • Won 1997 Audience Award in Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
  • Won 1997 3rd Place Audience Award in São Paulo International Film Festival

Not much to tell anyone who is watching what to expect from Madonna's famous music video.

A guy follows another guy home and ends up finding out that the latter is in an open relationship, something that the former is unable to accept. This short gay film deals with the moral issue of open relationship.

Someone told me before this. It was just another normal busy shopping day in one of the plazas in Kuala Lumpur. In Kuala Lumpur, the city of the Muslim-majority country, gay is a taboo. Not that the gays in Kuala Lumpur are witch-hunted, but the practice is not recognised.

My friend was shopping, and his eyes were cruising the hot guys all around. Songs were playing over the airplay. However, when Boyzone's No Matter What was played, according to my friend, two guys decided that the moment was too good to be scared of what they were and whom they loved. They held each other's hands. In public.

As said, no matter what they tell us...

Rest in peace, Stephen Gately.

No matter what they tell us
No matter what they do
No matter what they teach us
What we believe is true

No matter what they call us
However they attack
No matter where they take us
We'll find our own way back

I can't deny what I believe
I can't be what I'm not
I know I'll love forever
I know, no matter what

If only tears were laughter
If only night was day
If only prayers were answered
Then we would hear God say

No matter what they tell you
No matter what they do
No matter what they teach you
What you believe is true

And I will keep you safe and strong
And sheltered from the storm
No matter where it's barren
A dream is being born

No matter who they follow
No matter where they lead
No matter how they judge us
I'll be everyone you need

No matter if the sun don't shine
Or if the skies are blue
No matter what the end is
My life began with you

I can't deny what I believe
I can't be what I'm not
I know, I know
I know this love's forever
That's all that matters now
No matter what

I have seen this ad a few times. Only today, I got it.

The cute blond kid said Cool car....

Get it?

*Hint* He's gay.

Pepsi Max. It feels good to be a man.

Two gay high school boys face the dilemma of coming out. One is comfortable with his sexuality and is willing to come out. The other wants to keep hiding in the closet.

A nice short gay film. :)

Tale of Two Summers is a gay novel, by Brian Sloan, written in a manner of blog entries by two best friends who are separated by the summer. Hal, the gay teenager, is stuck in his hometown. He is supposed to live through the boring summer, sitting for his driving test. His best friend, the straight boy, Chuck, is away for a drama camp.

Both blog down the events that happen that summer - Hal meets a fag hag, Brett and a French young guy, Henri, who returns his affection. Chuck has crushes over Ghaliyah, but ends up spending more boy-girl moments with MK.

I want to say badly that I was head over heel in love with this gay book, which talks about the friendship between a gay boy and a straight boy, as well as the mini love story of a gay boy. I should also say I love it because I like coming of age gay stories. But I can't. I spent around $60 on this book, based on my country's currency, and I felt a little wasted here.

I think Brian Sloan has a good story plot here. But I am not one who is able to digest much of the blog entries. I can't understand how a story is told through blogs, ignoring perhaps other details which are so important, untranslated by blogs.

There are several gay books I am unable to complete. I seriously thought Tale would be another, but I forced myself to continue to read. When I have to force myself to read, this is so uncool. I keep skipping paragraphs and pages, when Hal is blogging uninteresting stories about him and Brett, or when Chuck talks about MK.

I am not convinced that as a straight boy, Chuck spends so much time blogging. For someone who wants to lose it, he is way too attached to his gay friend, instead of out there trying to score with the girls. And the length of the blog is unconvincing at times. Way too much for kids to go this distance to be labeled cool.

I was interested much when Chuck talks about the possibility of Hal being interested in him... judged by the kiss. Unfortunately, that was shot down eventually. Thank goodness there was French Henri to keep my interest on the book alive. But it went down too, when Henri acted stupid at the end. Still, the few chapters before the crash were good enough to burn the pages. I mean, hot stuff.

When Brian hinted that there could be a book 2, I told myself ENOUGH. I won't touch a book two of such story-telling. And the funny part is that I actually bought A Real Nice Prom Mess even before I had started to read Tale of Two Summers. I pray that I would like Prom Mess much better than Tale.

A young guy has a crush on another cute guy. Unfortunately, the cute guy has a girlfriend. Somehow, the young guy hangs around the cute guy and his girlfriend, while withholding his own sadness. A play in the snow, making snow angels get the guys to fool around. The girl gets jealous and the gay guy gets what is coming.. A beautiful short gay film, with really cute guys. :)

This gay film won Ursula Award Hamburg Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and Best Short Film Torino International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in 1998.

This clip is only 3 minutes long. The actual gay short film is 22 minutes.

Although this was made in Norway, for a movie edited this beautiful, no words are needed.

I have always liked The Cure for Friday I'm in Love and Love Song. I did wonder Robert Smith's sexual orientation but never come around to find out. I am just lucky to bump into this gay song today. I love the lyrics.

To have his arms around me,
to sense his perfect trust
I’d give all I ever had…
all I ever had…

I’d love to see him dream,
I’d love to watch him sleep
To have his arms around me, ?
Held his arms in mine,
sense his perfect trust
I’d give all I ever had for a moment of his love

He’s my heart and my soul
He’s my blood and my bones
He’s my prayers and my hope
My wishes and dreams
Seems so long ago, so long ago…

I’d love to watch him dream,
love to see him sleep
To have his arms around me,
feel him as he breathes
Hold his hands in mine,
sense his perfect trust
I’d give all I ever had for a moment of his love

He’s my heart and my soul
He’s my blood and my bones
He’s my prayers and my hopes
My wishes and dreams
Seems so long ago…

He’s my blood and my bones
He’s my heart and my soul
He’s my prayers and my hopes
My wishes and dreams

A boy I never knew
And the man I’ll never know
I’ll never know, I'll never know…

To have his arms around me,
sense his perfect trust
I’d give all I ever had…

No visual. Just audio.

There are always some gays out there who are in love with straight guys, and it's about time someone sings about it. I was lucky enough to come across a gay artist who calls himself b.o.y. who has a song about it. I think I read somewhere that the original title is Wish I Never Knew, which again sounds like it is addressing any gay straight-hag issue. :p

Doesn't anyone think the cover reminds one of Mitch Hewer? I love me Mitch Hewer, and I like b.o.y.'s song too. :)

I let my heart get far ahead of me
And now it's too far gone to catch
I should have never gotten close to you
I should have never lit the match
I thought we were a possibility
But it was too good to be real
And now all I have are broken parts
I wish you knew just how I feel

So I fell in love with a straight boy
Was it all just in my head?
I fell in love with a straight boy
And now I can't get out of bed
My head tells me to move on
While my heart still clings to you
But you, you're just a straight boy
And I wish I never knew

Why is it so hard just to walk away?
When I know how this will go
You're gonna end up with a pretty girl
And I will end up all alone
But I want to believe there is a way
A way that you could cross the line
Want to believe that there is a better day
I just want you to be mine

So I fell in love with a straight boy
Was it all just in my head?
I fell in love with a straight boy
And now I can't get out of bed
My head tells me to move on
While my heart still clings to you
But you, you're just a straight boy
And I wish I never knew

I really wish I never knew
Those times I sat right next to you
And I wanted you to kiss me then
And smile at me like you do
Now I really wish that you knew
About the playlist made for you
You could listen to it every night
And tease me like you do
I'd do anything for you
If only I never knew
If only I never knew

But I know that you're a straight boy
With no clue of how I've felt
You don't see how you change me
How your words can make me melt
My head tells me to move on
While my heart still clings to you
But you, you're just a straight boy
And I wish I never knew

You can know about b.o.y. here.

Bobby Framingham is the star quarterback at Durango High School. He is popular. He is waiting for the right call of offers from colleges. He has loving parents. He has supportive team players. And the school thinks that he and beautiful Carrie are a great couple. It should have been a perfect life for him, except that he is battling confusion in him. He likes guys. He has dreams of Todd, another athletic in the school who plays baseball.

It is not easy for him to consider what right track he should pursue - to come clean on his sexual orientation or to suppress it. It does not make it any easier when he notices a guy his age, Bryan, is eying him at the games.

When he comes out to his best friend, Austin, one drama leads to another, and suddenly Bobby finds himself in a greater spotlight. It does not help Bobby either that his father tells him that his father has cancer.

I love reading a good book. It's like watching a good movie, where when it ends, it leaves nothing but a great smile on the face. Or a sigh, hoping for a little bit more although the heart is satisfied with the way the book or the movie turns out. After reading Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy and has a great satisfaction from it, I was surprised that I read another good book so soon.

Bill Konigsberg produced a great gay character and a storyline that I would definitely be talking about often enough when I have the chance to. Bobby Framingham is a good boy. He is a likable boy. He does not take advantages of girls. He does not sleep with them to keep a pretentious straight image. It is just that he does not tell people of the actual gender he likes.

So, his whole dilemma deals with the desire in his heart for guys and he wants to come clean with his friends. He carries his worries too long on his own and he wants someone to know. It starts with his friend, and then friends and eventually, more come to know of his situation.

To be honest, I thought Bobby had it easy. It is not impossible to find someone gay who has good supports from people around. However, I think it is not often enough to find someone so lucky, to have supportive team players and parents who stick with him through thick and thin. Sure, Bobby had a bad time with his games and dealt with the possibility of losing his father, who turned out to be quite charming with Bobby's gay situation. Still, the storyline is believable.

This book won the Lambda Literary Award. Bravo. :)

Well, we all remember Jay Brannan from the gay films Shortbus (2006) and Holding Trevor (2007). And we also know that Jay Brannan croons cool tunes and this String-A-Long song is another gay song.. gay song, because the lyrics clearly states a fondness between one guy with another.

To the boy who should have loved me,
From the boy you could've had.
I promised not to send this letter,
I wouldn't want you to feel bad.
For not opening your heart to me,
For your unavailability.

I guess you're not required to like me,
But did you fake it just to spite me?

Well here's a little String-a-long song for you.
Just give up your pride, your past,
your pain, your fear of intimacy
And string-a-long with me too.

Thanks for leading me on,
But this time I'm gonna be strong
Although your disinterest kind
of came as a surprise cause
You could see the sin and the sadness
And taste the gin and the madness
on my lips, and in my eyes well
I can't help that I wanna see you again.
But it takes two to start a string-a-long song
And only one... to make it end.

Well the Flake Syndrome is an epidemic
That spans the globe from town to town.
But I can't figure out
why you put forth such an effort
To win me over, just to turn me down.
Cause your words are so soft and sweet,
But your actions are screaming.
And if you see me waiting around for you,
I hope you also see you're dreaming.

Well here's a little String-a-long song for you.
Just give up your pride, your past,
your pain, your fear of intimacy
And string-a-long with me too.

Thanks for leading me on,
But this time I'm gonna be strong
Although your disinterest kind
of came as a surprise cause
You could see the sin and the sadness
And taste the gin and the madness
on my lips, and in my eyes well
I can't help that I wanna see you again.
But it takes two to start a string-a-long song
And only one... to make it end.

I know he'll break my heart,
I know I'll fall apart. And
I know because this is how it starts.
Maybe it's wrong of me...
To wish that we could be,
But your kiss matched mine
So perfectly.

Well here's a little String-a-long song for you.
Just give up your pride, your past,
your pain, your fear of intimacy
And string-a-long with me too.

Thanks for leading me on,
But this time I'm gonna be strong
I wish you weren't too scared
to speak your goodbyes cause
The truth is I wish you well,
thanks for saving me from hell
I owe you one of the few I got left of my nine lives.
Well, I can't help that I wanna see you again.
But it takes two to start a string-a-long song
And only one... to make it end.

It has been such a long time since Simon has a partner. To make up for it, his time is spent on his job, dealing with film festival, as well as time for his best friends - Roger and his wife, Fran. Roger and Fran are aware of Simon's sexual orientation and accepts him for who he is. However, they are not so thrilled with his single status and hence, Simon is dragged to a party.

At the party, where everyone else seems to know everyone else, Simon meets the famous football player, Declan. It is a not a pleasant first meet. Simon defends Declan's ability in the football field, while calling Declan arrogant when Simon overhears a group of football fans criticizing Declan. Declan has been out of action due to a knee injury.

Since that night, Declan and Simon begin to keep in touch with one another. However, this is kept a secret as Declan is a national star, in closet. When Roger and Fran find out, they have been nothing but supportive friends (in awe of Declan). Simon gets to meet Declan's version of Roger-and-Fran best friends - Abe and Asian Lisa. Together, Simon and Declan the hardship of starting and maintaining a gay relationship, between an unknown gay and a gay superstar.

I have always been a big fan of beautiful gay love story. Until now, I have the greatest respect for Steve Kluger's Almost Like Being in Love. It is witty, funny and well-written. I have often wondered when I would be able to come across another gay novel that would make me fall in love with the art of story-telling, like Steve Kluger's fine work. I found it eventually, when I picked up Sean Kennedy's Tigers and Devils.

Okay. I am shallow. I did not even think highly of the book title. On the first page itself, it is already giving the warning sign that I may not favor this book. It talks about football. Me? Football? Oh boy.. so I thought.

However, as the storyline progressed, I was drawn into the characters. I cared for Simon. I cared for Declan. I even read slower to find the witty remarks between Fran, Roger and Simon. The conversation was divinely pleasing that I had to slow down my reading just to enjoy each and every punch line I could find. Throw in Abe and Lisa, and I was more in love with this book than a mere loving thoughts for Simon and Declan.

I love how Sean Kennedy is able to portray well the situation one would think of, and even not think of, when a non-jock guy dates a jock - an unknown guy in love with a famous national player. I mean, questions like - what does he see in me when he can date any supermodel? Will this be a fling? How long can this last? What is it in me that is interesting for him to be attracted to me?

In fact, the coming-out process was dealt well when even more insights were provided to the expected pressure for someone like Simon to blend in with the Wives and Girlfriends (WAGs) as well as the unwelcome attention of the nation on his relationship with Declan. A moment there, I thought I was catching a glimpse of the lives of Britney Spears, Zac Efron, Megan Fox and the stars of Gossip Girls for all the negative remarks of how a common him in the world of celebrities. And how he was the inferior half of the media darling couple.

You know what.. Almost to the end of the book, I had my eyes in tears. It was touching. And I have to thank Sean Kennedy for ending the book in a beautiful note and not to write another tragic love story for the gay community. Kudos. I am over the moon with this great gay story book.

This gay novel is highly recommended.

This short gay film centers around the few people talking about their relationship, experience and gay-ness.

A boy has to visit his grandpa. He is not happy about it. At the village, his city gay merry friends decide to visit him. This is not okay with him because he does not want to upset homophobic grandpa. However, the hunky neighbor is about to change the situation.

Part 1

Part 2

When he was young, Ivan (Sean Li) has always been afraid of death. He was afraid of losing the loved one. Being so attached to his grandma, Ivan could not accept the fact that one day his grandma would leave him. When he was a teen, Ivan moved to Hong Kong, leaving behind his grandma in China.

When he was a young man, Ivan hid behind his busy workload instead of looking for a lover. He got his own place and indulged in boxing exercise and gym. That was when he met Windson (Osman Hung). Ivan was attracted to Windson and made his move. They became good friends, and Ivan had hoped for more. Unfortunately, Windson was straight, and had a girlfriend back in mainland.

They became closer friends eventually - a gay guy and a straight guy, with the gay guy falling for the straight guy, and the straight guy unable to return his love. Windson became more accommodating to Ivan's need and allowed Ivan to touch him, and they shared brief kisses but nothing more, which led to Ivan into frustration.

When Ivan's grandma passed away, Ivan was further devastated when Windson announced that he was getting married to his mainland girlfriend. Windson left Hong Kong. Their paths crossed again eventually and Windson told Ivan he never got married. Ivan had always been his 'wife', except that Windson could never understand how a straight him could ever be in a relationship with Ivan.

Permanent Residence is a movie that is bound to delight many gay themed film fans, especially those who want to see less clothings on hunks in gay films. The actors are not shy to show skin. Imagine that once a male nud*ty in Lan Yu (2001) cooked up a great storm of interest. This one makes Lan Yu looked real tame. The director / writer for this gay film is Scud, who is responsible for City Without Baseball (Mou Ye Chi Sing) (2008) , which was also produced in Hong Kong. City Without Baseball became controversial among the gays because of a homophob*c remark made by one of the male cast.

Permanent Residence open well. I was intrigued by the cinematography of the film, although I thought the choice of the child actor was poor. But still, the beauty of the film was delivered well enough to ignore that. As the movie progressed into Ivan's youth life, the climax of the gay film picked up, as we are treated to many seconds of beautiful male nudi*y. Sean Li and Osman's bodies can bring shame to many lead male actors of erot*c films. They are simply beautiful.

The dynamic of wanting and staying a distance of the relationship between Ivan and Windson drew my attention. I was wanting to see how it ends. However, once Windson left Hong Kong and Ivan became the 'son' to take of ailing mother of Windson, the film became a little bit draggy. The second half of the film was rather disappointing, until Windson showed up again, and just like most gay films, gay characters deserve no happy ending. So, we were treated to the unnecessary ending of the gay Titanic. Just when I thought the gay film had ended, the film seemed to go directionless and dragged unnecessarily to become a joke.

Still, for the first part of the gay film, the film was worth to be devour for the beauty of the complexity of a love between two - a gay and a straight. Beautiful indeed.


Two young gay lovers want to do what straight lovers can do in a cafe. This short gay film shows the reaction of two old chess players in the cafe.

A lonely boy finds comfort in the company of a stranger. I don't have much detail on this short gay film, but it is worth the find in Youtube. :D

David Dean Bottrell's Available Men talks about a mix-up between two pairs of men. A writer meets a gay guy, thinking that the gay guy is an agent. The gay guy is waiting to meet his first date. His first date meets the agent by mistake, and the conversation turn out funny between the four of them.

This is a brilliant short gay film.

I love this one.. Another gay song of almost the same title by TomBoy. This is supposed to by Haratio Lee Jenkins - the straightest man in the world.

Here is one hot gav music video for gay music fans. Gay music lovers, enjoy this!

Connected is a gay film told of two gay lovers, starting from their lonesome days to the day they found each other and then to the break-up. The gay film tells the story on a subway train, which quickly reminds me of Trick, the delightful gay themed film on young gays finding one another through the subway train. However, I am not feeling all that love for Connected.

Thanks to Katy Perry, there are several gay parodies to her hit I Kissed a Girl. So, here, I am assembling those I am able to find, and that were done in acceptable quality.

Should I say that this should be the famous one? This is I Kissed a Boy by Cobra Starship, who sings the hit Good Girls Go Bad.

This is by James Merryman - I Kissed A Boy (Boy Remix)

I Kissed a Boy (Remix) by Chris Salvatore

Of course, someone should do something about the picture in the video. Not tasteful.

Sam Sparro - I Kissed a Girl/Boy (Acoustic Version)
Damn! This is GOOD! Is he really Sam Sparro?? Damn, he has a nice body. You should know that Sam Sparro is gay, and has a hit - Black and Gold. He also sang a gay version 'American Boy' made famous by Estelle featuring Kanye West.

Songs listed here are songs that I am aware of available in the internet. These songs are songs where the lyrics directly mention of love, relationship or feeling between a guy and another guy, be it a gay love or a bisexual that involves male-to-male. Or at least the existence of a gay.

  1. Air - Sexy Boy
  2. Antony And The Johnsons - I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy
  3. Bad Pussy - Boys (Club Mix)
  4. Ballboy - I Wonder If You're Drunk Enough To Sleep With Me Tonight
  5. Bearforce 1 - Bearforce 1
  6. Bo Burnham - My Whole Family Thinks I'm Gay
  7. Cake - I Will Survive
  8. Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way
  9. Cobra Starship - I Kissed A Boy
  10. God Blessed The Child/Coming Out (Male Version)
  11. David Bowie With Pet Shop Boys - Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys Extended Mix)
  12. Dick Hunter - You Know That You're Gay
  13. Don Lennon - Gay Fun
  14. Elton Motello - Jet Boy, Jet Girl
  15. Erasure - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
  16. Freezepop - Do You Like Boys
  17. Full Frontal - You Think You're A Man
  18. Futon - Gay Boy
  19. George Daniel Long - What Makes A Man A Man
  20. Hazzards - Gay Boyfriend (Sandy Raas mix)
  21. ?? - I Know What Boys Like
  22. Ivri Lider - Boys Just Wanna Have Fun (Offer Nissim Mix)
  23. Ivri Lider - The Man I Love
  24. John Barrowman - You're So Vain
  25. Josie and the Pussycats - Johnny Are You Queer
  26. Katy Perry - Ur So Gay
  27. Lily Allen - Fag Hag
  28. Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - My Boyfriend's Back
  29. Mika - Billy Brown
  30. Mika - Toy Boy
  31. Nightwork - Global Warming - I Am Gay
  32. Of Montreal - Tim I Wish You Were Born A Girl
  33. Pansy Division - Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other
  34. Pet Shop Boys - Try It (I'm In Love With A Married Man)
  35. Pet Shop Boys - You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk
  36. Pleasure Seekers - I Like The Boys
  37. Ron Morris - Boyfriend
  38. Sam Sparro - American Boy
  39. Sin With Sebastian - Shut Up And Sleep With Me
  40. The Pipettes - I Like A Boy In Uniform (School Uniform)
  41. Tomboy - OK2BGAY
  42. Yoko Ono - Every Man Has A Man Who Loves Him/Every Woman Has A Woman Who Loves Her

Well, this is a cool find from Youtube. Thailand has been known for producing several great gay films, such as The Love of Siam, Bangkok Love Story, Right By Me (The Rainbow Boys), Silom Soi 2 etc. To find one that is totally gay animated is a wow. :) Is this the first Thailand gay film in animation?

So far, I am aware that the story about a school bully who is tamed by a new boy in school. Friendship develops and the school bully makes excuses to stay overnight in the new boy's house. The friendship develops further.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Luke has just turned 18. And this means he earns his ID card which states that he is 18, a passport for him to get into gay sauna.

So, Luke goes to his first ever gay sauna. And it turns out to be an experience almost so real like what we all go through. The hunks don't want us, and the out-of-shapes harass us. ;p LOL.

So, does it mean all too pitiful for our young Luke? Well, you have to watch to know this short gay film. :)

Remember the song Fame from the movie Fame in the 80's? I know that there was a gay character from that film. Well, the film Dance Flick which poked fun at dance films included this one section where one of the students who was gay, sang this parody of gay Fame. Since that this school is Musical High School, and the boy is close to Tracy, something more like Hairspray, I think the movie is poking fun at the idea of a gay Zac Efron. Definitely a fine gay scene and hilarious. I just have to include this into the list. The guy is Brennan Hillard, and isn't he cute???!! : )

How I wish there is a gay film on Fame!

Baby, look at me
I'm just an average teen
In gym class I watch you undress
It's no secret that fashion is my interest

I got something in me
I'm gonna set it free
I'm Lance from 'N Sync's number one fan
Don't you know I love Bass
Now you know that I'm gay

I'll be gay forever
I will always love guys

I'll wear chaps made of leather
Do you think Tom Cruise is bi?
Brokeback Mountain was heaven...
Is Ryan Seacrest straight?

I'm gonna love men forever...
Baby, remember, I'm gay...

Remember, he's a member
Remember, he's a member...
Remember, he's a member...

I'm gay...
Remember, I'm gay

John Simpson's Patrick St James is back for another adventure. Still in the closet, Patrick works well with his work partner Hank to beat down crimes. At the same time too, Patrick's relationship with Dean is blossoming. Hank finds himself a cute young thing, Shawn, to indulge in. However, a new murder emerges in the town where a young gay is killed. It is left to Patrick and Hank to go undercover again to nail the killer.

I was not sure if I was happy to see Patrick back again. I did love Murder Most Gay until Patrick settled down with Dean. I did not know why I did not like Dean better, but maybe I was expecting more action between Patrick and Hank, before Dean stepped into the picture. As usual, John Simpson wrote the story well, including a detail description of the proper procedure of carrying out any tasks. It was a well-thought work.

However, I have to admire the erotic moments brought up when Patrick, Dean, Hank and Shawn came together in a tent. I was disappointed that the story did not develop further. It was as if there was a certain level of fidelity that should not be crossed, which really killed the story when preaching came in. But it was still a good book, and I was happy to read more on Hank's pervert-ness.

I only hope that one day this is made into a gay film, where I can see perhaps Zac Efron starring in it. Fine, he may be too short, but Zac Efron is the finest there is. And perhaps throw in Mitch Hewer. Or at least put Hunter Parrish. Sigh.. That gay film would be a smash. LOL.

Patrick St James is a new officer joining the police force. Patrick fears that if his colleagues are aware of his sexual orientation, he is not going to be able to enjoy his work easily. Being gay has its advantages in the police force. A series of murder of young gays forced Patrick to work with Hank, another new hunky officer. Knowing that Hank is also another closeted gay, Patrick works well with Hank but still fearing his other colleagues for homophobic treatment. Patrick and Hank are asked to go undercover to catch the serial killer who is preying for young handsome gays. Along the way, Patrick falls for a doctor named Dean, who is worried for Patrick's safety as Patrick is chosen be the bait for the murderer.

I have to admit that when I first read this book, I did not know that I was reading a homoerotic thriller. I think this is one of the best combination where the book does not dwell only on the sex stuff, but tells the story. I find myself engrossed and wanting to know more of what's going to happen to Patrick next. Somehow, I like the combo of Patrick-Hank more and was disappointed that Patrick settled for the boring Dean.

Is One of You Eddie has to be one of the best gay short film I have ever seen. This gay film preaches funnily on not to judge a book by its cover too soon. Really, what is a gay man's look? What is the fashion sense and style? What is the trend of clothing and clothes for a gay man to wear and to be, in order to be considered as an in-gay. Michael Simon wrote and directed this wonderful gay movie, which runs for 8 minutes, about 4 neighbors who are too quick to comment negatively on Eddie, until a hunk shows up.

Directed by Randy Caspersen, Run to Me is a gay short film about two running buddies, David and Ben. When David stopped speaking to Ben, his thoughts were still lingering around Ben. David tried to avoid Ben, who seemed to be in David's running path, sitting on a bench often. Eventually, David wrote Ben a letter, asking for forgiveness.

This gay film is simple. It does make me wonder if there is anything more to this than just a running buddies film, or perhaps it is just that. Nothing more. Nothing as imagined to be a film about two guys who may like each other more than just to be running partners. Perhaps David likes Ben more than what he is willing to admit.

Here's an interesting gay song I've come across in Youtube. It's in Finnish, which means I don't understand a word, but thank goodness there is Google Translation. It is not perfect but at least I have some idea what the gay song is singing about. Homojen Kevät translated is supposed to be Spring Gay. I have no way to verify this by Yahoo Babel Fish Translation as there is none for Finnish - English.

Men2men - Homojen kevät

vain mies voi tietää mikä mieheen sattuu
(only a man can know what happens to the man)
vain mies voi tietää mikä mieheen mahtuu
(only a man can not know what the man can hold)
meillä kesti hetki tajuta et
(we took a moment to realize you do not)
seksi miesten kanssa lisää nautintoa monenkertasesti
(sex with men more pleasure in a variety of single)
mut hei, se löytää joka jaksaa ettii
(but hey, it will find a jaksaa ettii)
se taas todistettii täs on komee esimerkki
(it was proven once again have to specify komee example)
en ois koskaa uskonu et ois
(I never thought you)
jotku paikat ihmisvartalos voi olla niin kosketusherkkii
(Some places ihmisvartalos may not be so kosketusherkkii)
te ootte opettanu mulle paljon uutta
(you guys taught me a lot of new)
niin monta eri tapaa käyttää suuta
(so many different ways to use the mouth)
vittuun vitut mä en tarvii muuta
(fuck hell I do not alter tarvii)
ku silloin tällöin vähä rakkauden luuta ku
(occasionally low bone love)
saan teiän kainalosta joka aamu herätä
(I get teiän arm every morning to wake up)
enkä kaipaa enää takas vanhaa hetero elämää
(I am no longer in need of back to the old heterosexual life)
mä haluun teiän kans vaa kokemuksii kerätä
(I wish teiän with the experience required to collect)
yhdessä kohti huomista
(together towards tomorrow)
kohti homojen kevättä
(towards gay spring)

Kaks miestä (Two men)
vierekkäin sängyssä painii
(side by side in bed is confronted with)
tää on taidetta eikä tähän tarvi naisii
(this is art and not needed for this naisii)
moni jo kaapista ulos astunu
(multi-chamber already come out)
moni toisen miehen hyväilystä kostunu
(another multi-man petting kostunu)
rakastan tätä, rakastan miehii
(I love this, I love miehii)
niit voimakkaita lihaksii, peniksii pienii niit
(powerful muscles, the penis pienii)
koko ei merkkaa, vaan ne hellä otteet
(size does not mark, but they are gentle on the extracts)
mies, mä haluun jutella ja antaa pelkän tunteen lentää man,
(I wish to talk and give a simple feeling to fly)
vapaana miehiseen sydämeen
(free male heart)
sä fiilaat kunnon miehii, mä tiesin yhä sen sä fiilaat
(condition miehii, I still knew it)
ku tulin takas sun luo ja halusin rakkautta ku
(I came back to create a Sunday and I wanted to love)
ilta voidaan viedä loppuun vain kalusi kautta
(States may be exported to the end, only through kalusi)

ainostaan mies osaa koskettaa miestä
(only a man can touch the man)
sinä ja minä, kostutaan hiestä
(You and I, kostutaan hiestä)
mun mielestä oot tosi lutunen
(my view, real-oot lutunen)
ku herään sun vierestä olo on niin kotonen ku
(I wake up next Sunday, feel so kotonen)
pekka, sä todella kosketit mua pekka,
(you really touch me)
pekka, taisin suhun rakastua pekka,
(suhun would fall in love)
mut en uskalla vielä sitoutua joten pekka
(but I dare not yet commit to the guy)
annetaan tän jutun hautua
(given tän story brew)
herään, mut sä nukut vielä
(I wake up, but are you still in your favor)
teeskentelet vain, kyl mä sut tiedän
(only pretending, kyl mä sut know)
kutitan sua, ihan joka paikasta
(kutitan you, just a place)
olet hiljaa, puret hammasta
(you shut up, chew the tooth)
yhtäkkiä sun suloinen nauru kaikuu kattohuoneistossa
(Sunday suddenly sweet laughter echoes roof apartment)
hetkessä sä oot syvällä meikän suolistossa
(instantly you 're deep in the gut meikän)
se tekee siellä ihmeitä
(it will take a miracle)
myötäilen sun liikkeitä
(Sunday in line with the movements)
ooh pekka! (pekka ooh!)

This is one of the year's best films. - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-times

Chen Kaige's film is one of the year's true masterpieces. - James Berardinelli, Reelviews

The film is an adaptation of the novel written by Lilian Lee.


Director : Chen Kaige
Producer : Hsu Feng
Writers : Lilian Lee (also novel), Lei Bik-Wa, Lu Wei
Leslie Cheung as Cheng Dieyi
Zhang Fengyi as Duan Xiaolou
Gong Li as Juxian


Storyline : Dieyi has been brought up to make believe that he can play a female role in the Chinese Opera. He lives to embrace the life of a female role. As such, there is the question of his sexual attraction to Xiaolou. Is it nurtured or is it natural?

Since the day Dieyi joins the army of young workers, trained to impress the audience who love the story portrayed on stage in heavy costume and make-up, Xiaolou has often been protective of Dieyi. This is even so when initially a young Dieyi refuses to act as the female character. Xiaolou forces Dieyi to accept his

As time marches on, Dieyi and Xiaolou become a sensational couple on stage, loved by many. However, behind the stage, the relationship between Dieyi and Xiaolou is tested when Juxian steps into the picture. Juxian tempts Xiaolou into a relationship with her, which jeopardises Xiaolou relationship with Dieyi. Feeling betrayed, Dieyi finds comfort in the arm of an admirer. However, that does not end the feeling Dieyi has for Xiaolou. When Japanese soldiers take over China, it is Dieyi (with persuasion by Juxian) who must do his best to entertain the soldiers in order to plead them to release Xiaolou. That does not rest well with Xiaolou who sees this as an insult to the Chinese. The final test on these three come when the Chinese Revolution arrives. In the eyes of many young ambitious communists, Dieyi, Xiaolou and Juxian are confronted with their personal greed for their own freedom, mixed with fear.

Does true love survive?

Critics Tomatometer : 91% (as of 1 April 2007)

"Farewell My Concubine" is a demonstration of how a great epic can function.
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-times

No film can ever hope to convey the complex mosaic of cultural upheaval caused by everything that happened between 1924 and 1977, but Farewell My Concubine does an excellent job presenting samples of the flavor while telling a story that is both epic and intimate.
- James Berardinelli, Reelviews

..Visually impressive and emotionally complex..
- Emanuel Levy, EmanuelLevy.Com

..Farewell My Concubine boasts some startling moments, a few grand set-pieces and excellent performances all around..
- Chris Hicks, Deseret News, Salt Lake City


Awards :

  • Won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival 1993. The Palme d'Or was shared with Jane Campion's The Piano from New Zealand (1993).
  • Won the FIPRESCI Award for Best Film in Competition at the Cannes Film Festival 1993
  • Won the Best Film not in the English Language BAFTA (British Academy Award) 1993
  • Won the Mainichi Film Concours for Best Foreign Language Film at Mainichi Film Concours 1993
  • Won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film 1993
  • Won the Best Foreign Film of National Board of Review (USA) 1992
  • Won the Best Foreign Film of L.A. Film Critics Association 1993
  • Won the Best Foreign Language Film of Boston Society of Film Critics Awards 1993
  • Won the Best Actor Award for Foreign Movie of Japanese Critic Society (Leslie Cheung) 1994
  • Won the Special Award of Chinese Performance Art Association, mainland China, (Leslie Cheung) 1993
  • Won the New York Film Critics Circle Awards for Best Foreign Language Film 1993
  • Won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actress (Li Gong) 1993
  • Won the Special Award of Political Film Society, USA 1993
  • Won the Silver Frog Award (Changwei Gu)at International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography (Camerimage) 1993
  • Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (Oscar) 1993
  • Nominated for the César Award for Best Foreign Film 1994
  • Nominated for the Golden Frog Award (Changwei Gu) at International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography (Camerimage) 1993

Country : China / Hong Kong
Running Time : 171 min.
Language : Mandarin
Box Office : $5,216,888 (USA) and 470,920 Admissions (Argentina)

Links :

This is one of the most delightful, must see gay films.

Steven Carter (Ben Silverstone) is the school nerd. A cute nerd. He hangs around the public toilet at the park, in hope to find someone who may want what he wants - a boy to boy love. It's the only place he thinks is same enough for him to meet someone like him. The problem is he never goes into the toilet. One day, he decides to do exactly just that. He steps in, and starts to communicate with a stranger in the other stall, by notes through a small hole. As he steps out to wait for the stranger to show up, Steven is surprised to know that the stranger he is cruising in the toilet is John Dixon (Brad Gorton), the school jock.

John is in denial. After the dance night, John shows up at Steven's place and they begin a secret relationship because John dares not to face the truth of his own sexual orientation. So, Steven has to hide his new joy from all, even his best friend, the funny Linda (Charlotte Brittain). When Steven finds out that John still keeps a girl to pretend that he is straight, John forces himself to see Steven in public, to prove to Steven that he loves Steven.

The problem is that John's father is not so open-minded and problem starts.

Get Real is a wonderful gay themed film that deserves to be watched over and over again. Simon Shore directed this wonderful gay film, written by Patrick Wilde. The story, the music and the actors are charming. One can get really addicted to this gay movie. At the end of the movie, it is good to think of the line - It's only love. What are we afraid of?

I wish to see a part 2, where what Steven and John has is real. :D

Tomatometer: 77% (as of Aug 4, 2009)


  • Won 1999 Ourense Independent Film Festival Audience Award and Jury Prize (for Best European Film)
  • Won 1999 Emden International Film Festival Emden Film Award
  • Won 1998 Edinburgh International Film Festival Audience Award
  • Won 1998 Dinard British Film Festival Golden Hitchcock and Audience Award
  • Nominated for 1999 British Independent Film Awards
  • Nominated for 2000 Chlotrudis Award

Wes is a high school boy who does not believe his luck when the handsome boy in the school, Toren, plays attention on him. Being the boy who is not that popular, and often burying himself in books, Wes finds Toren's attention puzzling, and yet pleasing. And in one stolen kiss, Wes finds himself unable to keep Toren away. Wes helps Toren with his studies, and Toren keeps Wes company almost everyday after school. Their relationship develops. It hits good notes when Wes comes out to his family and is accepted, even though Wes is worried that his mother may not approve. His father is gay, and he had seen them arguing before divorcing one another. Wes's sister is more than happy to see Wes comes out and readily welcomes Toren into their life. Unfortunately, Toren faces a tougher time in coming out to his family, and moves out. Together, Toren and Wes builds a life together, when they move in to stay with one another. Wes continues to study after high school and Toren works. It is a story that tells endless love turns and love-makings.

I was really into Wes & Toren when I read the first few chapters. They were tempting. In fact, I began to wonder if they are the best gay couple in gay stories. I was eager to read up more on them, and was unwilling to put down the book. However, I began to see the monotonous plot as the story continued and I was beginning to lose interest. I did like the idea that gay couples stay happy and so heavily sexual of one another. Perhaps this is just not for me. I want a happy ending, no doubt. But I also prefer less lengthy process to reach the expected end.

However, I'd like to point out that I like the part where Scott, the straight brother of Toren, took Wes and danced together at the end. That was sweet, something that I did not come across in other books before. :D

Apparently people on the internet is finding it difficult to get over the two cute boys in the famous Taiwan gay tv series - Crystal Boys. Here, I found another version of the music video, accompanied again by Emil Chau's song. A truly romantic music video, which fits the love that all gay lovers long for. If you think the boy is cute, catch Formula 17, another movie released in Taiwan, where the boy is the lead actor.

I love Absolut. Not that I have ever drank that before. But I love the ad. This ad about the hidden message between a young man with his nosy mother. It's an inquisition of her son's love life, and her catching the message that the young man is gay. Love it.

Here's another gay song, with steamy subtext written in the lyrics. Read and try to understand - 'someone will demand for my head... And give it to them looking down..". Rufus Wainwright is a gay artist, followed many lovers of his music and musical talent.

He will then be reborn
From 1970's porn
Wearing tubesocks with style
And such an innocent smile

Better pray for your sins
Better pray for your sins
'Cause the gay messiah's coming

He will fall from the star
Studio 54
And appear on the sand
Of Fire Island's shore

Better pray for your sins
Better pray for your sins
'Cause the gay messiah's coming

No it will not be me
Rufus the Baptist I be
No I won't be the one
Baptized in cum

What will happen instead
Someone will demand my head
And then I will kneel down
And give it to them looking down

Better pray for your sins
Better pray for your sins
'Cause the gay messiah's coming

El Marica is a gay short film that deals with a gay kid and his closeted identity. His best friend wants to convince others that the gay kid is not what others assume he is. So, they visit the prostitute. The gay kid runs away. His best friend gets angry with him, and shout hurtful words. Years later, as an adult, the best friend write an apology letter to the gay friend.

I don't speak French, but nothing stopped me from watching this 7 minutes of a gay themed short film. This gay video is about Mathéo who has a crush on his straight classmate. That does not sound like a good news, and it is not. I prefer an alternative ending, but it is good to see the exact ending most of gays fear when they make advances of guys they like, not knowing if the guys are gay or not. This short film is directed by Valentin Mahé, with lead cast - Eddy Wonka and Benjamin Meaujean.

Another Chinese gay music video. Watch out for the fine abs. Yum.

Joe is a growing kid in high school. For someone so young, Joe expresses himself well in his homework - a journal of A to Z about himself. Naturally, he writes about all - himself, his best friends, his family and the guy he likes - Colin. And the good news is that Colin likes him back. So, as the journal progresses, we learn of the relationship between a closeted Colin and at-ease Joe, who paints his fingernail pink. This does not sound good for Colin, coz when people start calling them names, Colin shuns Joe and leaves him sad. But isn't that the whole package of love - it comes with heartaches?

This is a wonderful book about the growing up of a young kid, who accepts himself as gay, and how his world is viewed from his eyes. Of course he has the advantage. His family accepts him, and in fact, pushes him to come out. So, perhaps he is a little different from the rest of us who have to bear with the silent. We are Colins.

I totally dig this Totally Joe.

Salvador Dalí (Robert Pattinson) arrives at university in Madrid and befriended Federico García Lorca (Javier Beltran) and Luis Buñuel (Matthew McNulty). Salvador became close to García. However, their relationship did not have the chance to grow. Salvador found García's closeness to him more than he was prepared to handle and moved away. Salvador got involved with a married woman. When García visited, he found his friend a changed man, in his life and his politics.

Little Ashes is based on true story, directed by Paul Morrison.

Of course this film generates much interest since Robert Pattinson became the talkabout new pop male star. Everyone has to know Robert. That Edward, from that vampire Twilight film. And the good news is.. in this film, Edward.. I mean, Robert, kiss. Not once. Not twice. Often enough to make us happy for his progress to embrace such character, and to be so jealous of Javier, the guy who is doing whom most of us want to be doing.. I mean, kissing.

Robert wore funny hair in this film. He was not the hunk as like Edward. But still, we know it is Robert Pattinson and we want more of him. I believe that the last scene of Robert in water with Javier was done with nudity. Someone has got to confirm this. Sigh...

A must watch for all Robert Pattinson's fan.

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