Remember the song Fame from the movie Fame in the 80's? I know that there was a gay character from that film. Well, the film Dance Flick which poked fun at dance films included this one section where one of the students who was gay, sang this parody of gay Fame. Since that this school is Musical High School, and the boy is close to Tracy, something more like Hairspray, I think the movie is poking fun at the idea of a gay Zac Efron. Definitely a fine gay scene and hilarious. I just have to include this into the list. The guy is Brennan Hillard, and isn't he cute???!! : )

How I wish there is a gay film on Fame!

Baby, look at me
I'm just an average teen
In gym class I watch you undress
It's no secret that fashion is my interest

I got something in me
I'm gonna set it free
I'm Lance from 'N Sync's number one fan
Don't you know I love Bass
Now you know that I'm gay

I'll be gay forever
I will always love guys

I'll wear chaps made of leather
Do you think Tom Cruise is bi?
Brokeback Mountain was heaven...
Is Ryan Seacrest straight?

I'm gonna love men forever...
Baby, remember, I'm gay...

Remember, he's a member
Remember, he's a member...
Remember, he's a member...

I'm gay...
Remember, I'm gay


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