From their Cherry Peel 1995 album, this track is supposed to be poking some humor on life. Of Montreal is a gay-friendly group, mind you.

Tim, wish you were born a girl,
So I could've been your boyfriend.
I know it's not possible now.
I just never met a girl I like half as much as you.

And we could lay around in bed, stay there all day,
Or at least until the afternoon
And I could make you spaghetti with tomato sauce
With just a touch of oregano and a parsley stem.

And then when you got sick,
I could take the day off work.
I could've made you chicken soup,
And we could watch soap operas
- oh, those TV dramas!
I could catch your cold
and you could take care of me.

If I could've met you at school, or met you at work,
It would have changed everything.
Those years of losing, confusion and insecurity,
They would have been shared,
they would have been easier.

Tim, wish you were born a girl,
So I could've been your fiancé.
I'm not saying you can't be all these things for me,
But it's just not the same because you're a man,
and so am I.

Mason knows he likes his best friend, Billy, but there is no way for him to tell Billy. He is scared. He is scared of his family finding out. And yet, Billy draws him near too often that it is frustrating for Mason that nothing comes out from the many days they spend together. Still, Mason is happy he has Billy around. Unfortunately, Billy has his own plan. Billy plans to leave for New York as soon as high school is over. Devastated, Mason turns to his Aunt Savannah. Living with his Aunt Savannah in New Orleans helps him to breathe free. And there is Joey, who is cute and is interested in him. Life would have been perfect, until Billy drops by.

This is the only book I have read which is written by Michael Holloway Perronne. Within the few pages, I thought I was made to declare my love for his work. There was already a mention of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and a few more 80's things, enough to keep me nostalgic. It was cute to feel the experience of Mason, and to pity him, for the difficulties he has to go through, to emphatize with the character in this A Time Before Me. A few times, I feel like I did have that kind of Billy in my life, and just like Mason, they pass me by. Sigh.. Life can be so cruel.

Yeah, Mason faces other hurdles as well. It is nice to find that although the book starts off with Mason having a difficult sister, they end up better friends for one another. And the part where Mason has to deal with his mom when he does not want to go to college, because he wants to stay free in New Orleans. But coming to the end, I thought it was kinda rush, for the father to face health problem, Mason facing his mother and a sudden announce by Aunt Savannah to have another relationship a try.

I smirked when I read the ending. First time I come across a typical love story 'don't-let-him-go' ending scene, except that this one deals nothing with airport. :)

There is a book 2 to this, although the setting takes place many years later.

Written and directed by Jean Genet (who wrote the popular acclaimed gay themed novel - Our Lady of the Flowers), Un Chant D'Amour is a short film that focuses on homoerotic relationship between two prisoners and the guard that watched them. This black and white film runs for less than 30 minutes. The older prisoner likes the younger guy, and this makes the guard jealous.

Personally this one of my personal favorite. I think it is remarkable to be able to see work done so early in the history of film-making.

A Jihad for Love is gay themed documentary, done through interviews with individuals, Muslim gays and lesbians, from countries like Cairo, to Iran, to India. The documentary documented the struggles and prejudices they face, as well as their fear for their own safeties. A few of them had no choice but to run away to other countries, in order to escape any further mental torture. In this documentary as well, these individuals shared their understanding on the interpretation of the verses in Quran, and their love for their God.

Parvez Sharma wrote and directed this controversial documentary that had won GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Documentary in GLAAD Media Awards 2009. It had also won Best Documentary Awards in Milan International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and Torino International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2009.

A teenage boy stays with his aunt because he is unwelcome in his own home. He's gay. He stops going to school and works in an old clothings store. His life in the town is just beginning, and it becomes complicated one night. On his way home, he sees a young man, with eyes so blue, and feature so handsome, our teenage boy falls in love. However, the young man, named Josh, is a ghost. Josh was killed in a hit-and-run accident 40 years ago.

For 40 years, the people in the town has witnessed the young ghost walking by the road, in the same manner before he was hit. And they saw him disappeared. Josh never realises that he is dead until the teenage boy comes along. Obsessed with the teenage boy, Josh follows the boy home.

At the same time too, the gay boy starts to develop feeling for his female best friend's younger brother, Second Mike. Second Mike, because Second Mike was conceived to replace the lost, presumed dead, first brother, First Mike. Trace (the female best friend) has always suspected that her house is haunted. It is not until when the gay boy shows up that her suspicion is confirmed.

Unfortunately Josh finds out that the gay boy has feelings for Second Mike and is jealous. The gay boy now has to put an end to this, so that his Second Mike will not be harmed.

I kept reading here and there in the net of this book, Vintage: A Ghost Story, which was voted as one of the best gay fiction books. Curious enough, and willing to depart from my money, I got a copy after contemplating for months. From the first few pages onwards, I was hooked. Steve Berman made me cared easily for the gay boy, for Josh and for Second Mike. I was not able to put down the books willingly, and seriously, this is one hell of a book that made me all spook up. I read, and got goosebumps. I had to cover myself with blankets and I felt the chills. Well, perhaps it was only me. That should teach me a lesson to read a haunting book like this at midnight, with the lights in other rooms all switched off.

I understand why this book was voted to be one of the best. I don't regret a bit, spending my lunch and dinner budgets for this book to be added into my collection. Bravo work.

Paul, or by his real name Pablo, dates Angie. They go to the same high school. They go to the same church. They have been an item for the past three years. Everything seems to be okay, until a new boy, Manuel, moves into town. Manuel is comfortable with his sexual orientation - an open gay boy. Angie, who has always been the friendly kind, invites Manuel to join her group of friends. This becomes a challenge for Paul, who has always been questioning his sexuality in secret.

This is the 4th book by Alex Sanchez that I have bought. I have been a fan of Sanchez's work since Rainbow Boys. Although I did not buy all his books (read - budget!!!!), I have been curious of his other work. So, with a title like this, and a topic that is consistently being debated, I knew I had to get this book once the paperback copy was available.

I like Sanchez's work because it dwells not on heavy English. It is more of a light-reading, and I don't get lost, trying to figure out who did what and when and to whom. I was able to follow the flow.

I personally find myself drawn to the characters. Sanchez managed to make me care for them, just like those characters in his Rainbow Boys. Paul, being the all American boy, is put to a tough spot, to question his faith in his religion and God, when his plea for help goes unanswered. But it seems like God does send help, and his angel is Manuel.

Of course the journey is not smooth for Paul. His mother died a few years ago, and he is still worried about his father turning back to alcohol. The town is homophobic, minus a few like Angie, Dakota and a few more. And the lips he long to kiss is not Angie's, but Manuel's. With names-calling and gay-bashing lurking, it is up to Paul to continue hiding, or to stand up and start facing the truth wit love and acceptance, just like what his religion has always teaching him.

Timothy (Tanner Cohen) is gay. And just like any gay boy in high school, he becomes a target of bully by his classmates. It does not help the fact that the guy he has a crush on, Jonathon (Nathaniel David Becker) befriends these jerks, although Jonathon does not join in the crowd to belittle him. When the drama school teacher picks a reluctant Timothy to lead a remake of A Midsummer Night's Dream, strange things start to happen. For example, Jonathon's willingness to dump his cheerleader girlfriend for Timothy. Slowly, almost all the town population is turning gay.

Were The World Mine is a gay themed film developed from the gay short film Fairies (2003). Tom Gustafson directed both. It is a musical film that is done with a touch of humor and romance, where only a gay boy's fantasy (of a straight jock returning love and affection) turns into reality. Where boy-boy and girl-girl kisses are accepted, so unlike the homophobic atmosphere the day before. All because of a love potion.

It is good to find a movie where the two male leads have the ability to charm the audience and leaving them hoping for more. I enjoy looking at the male actors in the film, so happy singing and dancing away in the film. You know, the good kind of feeling one gets watching a happy Broadway show. And it helps that these young men are yummy and shirtless often enough to feed the eyes. Oh yeah, I love the kissing scenes between the many young men in the film. The chemistry between the two male leads was good, although I was wishing for more movie time between these two, without the interference of Max (Ricky Goldman) who happens to fall for Timothy too.

This is one good film where gays do not have to have tragical ending. The ending is indeed a gay (happy) ending, that make me smirk happy.

Were The World Mine won the Audience Awards
  • in Florida Film Festival (2008, Best Narrative Feature)
  • in Rhode Island International Film Festival (2008, Best Feature)
  • in Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (2008, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Men's Favorite Feature)
  • in Torino International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (2008, Feature Film)
  • in Toronto Inside Out Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival (2008, Best Feature Film or Video)
The gay themed film also won
  • Q Award in Fort Worth Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival (2008, Best Overall Film)
  • Best of the Festival Award in Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival 2008
  • Grand Jury Award in L.A. Outfest (2008, Outstanding U.S. Dramatic Feature)
  • in Nashville Film Festival (2008, Best LGBT Film and Best Music in a Feature Film)
  • Scion Award for First Time Director in Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (2008)
  • Jury Award in Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (2008, Best New Director and Best New Director)
  • Best Editing in Woodstock Film Festival 2008)

It's here. It's queer. Coming out December 2000.

.. pleasingly candy-colored and frenetic.. - James Poniewozik, Times


Creators : Russell T. Davies and developed for American television by Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman
Casts :
Gale Harold as Brian Kinney
Randy Harrison as Justin Taylor
Hal Sparks as Michael Novotny
Sharon Gless as Debbie Novotny
Peter Paige as Emmett Honeycut
Scott Lowell as Ted Schmidt
Thea Gill as Melanie Marcus
Michelle Clunie as Lindsay Peterson


Queer As Folk (USA) is a tv series portraying the lives of 4 gay men, Brian, Michael, Emmet and Ted in Pittsburgh. The story picks up from the evening Brian meets Justin. It is the same night Brian becomes a father to new-born Gus, parented by lesbians Melanie and Lindsey. The tv series lingers around the ups and downs in the love lives of these gays and lesbians, and their passionate roams for sex. The tv series shows the dilemmas they go through, for acceptance in the society, the homophobic pressures they face, the rejection by family members as well as in the work place.

Brian is the bad boy of the group. He never sleeps with the same person twice. Every night, there is a new game boy for him. Always portrayed as a top, hardly bottom (except once). A marketing executive who cares for no one but himself, just like in his love life. He cares only when he gets what he wants, and he wants sex, power and money. His only soft spots are for Michael, his best friend, and Lindsey, his 'girl' since college. But even so, they have to put up with his attitude of 'no excuses, no apologies, no regrets'. Brian believes that love is only a fairy tale for the weaks... until Justin comes along.

Justin Taylor is the blonde boy of the show. Being the youngest, his character becomes the poster boy for teen-coming-out story. Unsure of what the gay world is like, Justin steps into Liberty Avenue, and an unusual challenge is imposed onto him in the coming-out world when he meets his God - Brian. Obsessed with Brian, Justin does nothing but to long for Brian's attention. Perhaps where others fail, Justin succeeds.

Michael Novotny is Brian's best friend. And the only gay guy in Pittsburgh who has never slept with Brian (which is not true, as Emmett has never either, nor Ted, although there is an almost incident). All know of Michael's crush on Brian, including Brian himself, who uses the opportunities to hinder Michael to move on. What Michael fails to get from Brian, he finds them in Dr. David and later on, in Ben, a HIV +ve partner.

Emmett Honeycut is the tv series Queen. And probably the only character who has worked the most jobs. From a shop assistant, Emmett moves to other profession, which include being a web tv porn star, an event planner and a tv presenter. Emmett is the only gay character in this tv show that deals with the issue of trying to convert to become straight. Emmett finds love and support through his best friend, Ted, and eventually in the hunk football player, Drew.

Ted is the most pitiful character portrayed on the show. As the gay guy who claims no one would sleep with him, Ted has gone from average to worse, before bouncing back. Ted works as the Accountant, who is sacked for watching porn at work. He becomes the owner of the web tv show, which starred Emmett. And when it is closed down, Ted becomes a drug addict, affecting his relationship with Emmett. Eventually Ted works for Brian, and become more stable. His lovelife improves too, especially when he meets back the one who matters - Blake, a young guy whom he had helped earlier on when Blake was on drugs.


Awards :

  • Won 2001 Third Prize for Effects Titles Ident's PSA's
  • Won 2003 DGC Craft Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Short Form
  • Won 2003 DGC Team Award for Outstanding Achievement in a Television Series - Drama
  • Won 2005 Prism Award for TV Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline, tied with Lost
  • Nominated for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Drama Series

Links :

Between Love & Goodbye is a gay themed movie that tells the journey of love between Kyle (Simon Miller) and Marcel (Justin Tenner). What starts off as a beautiful, loving relationship turns into an ugly disagreement between the two young gays when Kyle's brother-turned-sister-turned-back-to-brother April (Rob Harmon) moves in with them. Marcel is not comfortable with April overstaying the welcome, and April retaliates by poisoning Kyle's mind, trashing Marcel.

I was thrilled when I first viewed the movie, to be greeted on screen, 2 yummy young men, who loved to kiss and rolled around naked on the bed. Well, not so often on the second scene, but enough to see a naked, cute Marcel. I have a problem with the name Marcel.. it keeps reminding me of Ross's monkey in Friends, Season 2. Except that this French Marcel is way cuter, and I enjoyed seeing him naked. I enjoyed the first half of the film, basking in the lovejoy between Marcel and Kyle. At a certain angle, Justin reminded me of Justin Taylor of Queer As Folk.

Once April stepped in, I was less thrilled of the film. But I was sure the movie would concentrate little on April. So, I continued watching. I was disappointed. I never thought I would find any movie character more irritating than any characters done by Tori Spelling. Boy, I was wrong. It was either April's fault or the writer's fault. Either way, it killed my taste for the movie.

I did expect April to be trouble, but I just could not buy the theory that Kyle cannot see through. And then, in the middle of the movie, out of nowhere, instead of revealing April to be the issue, Kyle and Marcel both confess that they had flings with others, which drag the relationship down. Badmouthed and influenced by April, Kyle start to have arguments with Marcel. Both claim ownership of the apartment that they share.

Marcel has one disadvantage. He is trying to get a Green Card to stay in USA, by faking a marriage with Sarah. April uses this to his advantage to make Marcel lose. At the end of the day, the argument is not between Kyle and Marcel, but between Marcel and April.

And Kyle dies. Which is so stupid. Because I don't even know why such ending is needed. And why April is not the one who dies.

I was disappointed with this film, which has the promises - since Latter Days' Aaron and Christian to be gays' favorite couple. Moreover, this gay themed show comes from Casper Andreas, who gave us the wonderful A Four Letter Word. Such a pity. Such a pity.

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