Between Love & Goodbye is a gay themed movie that tells the journey of love between Kyle (Simon Miller) and Marcel (Justin Tenner). What starts off as a beautiful, loving relationship turns into an ugly disagreement between the two young gays when Kyle's brother-turned-sister-turned-back-to-brother April (Rob Harmon) moves in with them. Marcel is not comfortable with April overstaying the welcome, and April retaliates by poisoning Kyle's mind, trashing Marcel.

I was thrilled when I first viewed the movie, to be greeted on screen, 2 yummy young men, who loved to kiss and rolled around naked on the bed. Well, not so often on the second scene, but enough to see a naked, cute Marcel. I have a problem with the name Marcel.. it keeps reminding me of Ross's monkey in Friends, Season 2. Except that this French Marcel is way cuter, and I enjoyed seeing him naked. I enjoyed the first half of the film, basking in the lovejoy between Marcel and Kyle. At a certain angle, Justin reminded me of Justin Taylor of Queer As Folk.

Once April stepped in, I was less thrilled of the film. But I was sure the movie would concentrate little on April. So, I continued watching. I was disappointed. I never thought I would find any movie character more irritating than any characters done by Tori Spelling. Boy, I was wrong. It was either April's fault or the writer's fault. Either way, it killed my taste for the movie.

I did expect April to be trouble, but I just could not buy the theory that Kyle cannot see through. And then, in the middle of the movie, out of nowhere, instead of revealing April to be the issue, Kyle and Marcel both confess that they had flings with others, which drag the relationship down. Badmouthed and influenced by April, Kyle start to have arguments with Marcel. Both claim ownership of the apartment that they share.

Marcel has one disadvantage. He is trying to get a Green Card to stay in USA, by faking a marriage with Sarah. April uses this to his advantage to make Marcel lose. At the end of the day, the argument is not between Kyle and Marcel, but between Marcel and April.

And Kyle dies. Which is so stupid. Because I don't even know why such ending is needed. And why April is not the one who dies.

I was disappointed with this film, which has the promises - since Latter Days' Aaron and Christian to be gays' favorite couple. Moreover, this gay themed show comes from Casper Andreas, who gave us the wonderful A Four Letter Word. Such a pity. Such a pity.


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