A teenage boy stays with his aunt because he is unwelcome in his own home. He's gay. He stops going to school and works in an old clothings store. His life in the town is just beginning, and it becomes complicated one night. On his way home, he sees a young man, with eyes so blue, and feature so handsome, our teenage boy falls in love. However, the young man, named Josh, is a ghost. Josh was killed in a hit-and-run accident 40 years ago.

For 40 years, the people in the town has witnessed the young ghost walking by the road, in the same manner before he was hit. And they saw him disappeared. Josh never realises that he is dead until the teenage boy comes along. Obsessed with the teenage boy, Josh follows the boy home.

At the same time too, the gay boy starts to develop feeling for his female best friend's younger brother, Second Mike. Second Mike, because Second Mike was conceived to replace the lost, presumed dead, first brother, First Mike. Trace (the female best friend) has always suspected that her house is haunted. It is not until when the gay boy shows up that her suspicion is confirmed.

Unfortunately Josh finds out that the gay boy has feelings for Second Mike and is jealous. The gay boy now has to put an end to this, so that his Second Mike will not be harmed.

I kept reading here and there in the net of this book, Vintage: A Ghost Story, which was voted as one of the best gay fiction books. Curious enough, and willing to depart from my money, I got a copy after contemplating for months. From the first few pages onwards, I was hooked. Steve Berman made me cared easily for the gay boy, for Josh and for Second Mike. I was not able to put down the books willingly, and seriously, this is one hell of a book that made me all spook up. I read, and got goosebumps. I had to cover myself with blankets and I felt the chills. Well, perhaps it was only me. That should teach me a lesson to read a haunting book like this at midnight, with the lights in other rooms all switched off.

I understand why this book was voted to be one of the best. I don't regret a bit, spending my lunch and dinner budgets for this book to be added into my collection. Bravo work.


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