Celine Dion had done it. Madonna did not. I am so ashamed.

Here's a gay song by Celine Dion. It's about a girl who is in love with a gay guy. She knows she can't have him, but she still has the feeling. Awwwww... so sweet.

Here's the lyrics to Ziggy.

Ziggy, il s'appelle Ziggy
Je suis folle de lui
C'est un garcon pas comme les autres
Mais moi je l'aime, c'est pas d'ma faute
Meme si je sais
Qu'il ne m'aimera jamais

Ziggy, his name is Ziggy
I'm crazy about him
He's a boy like no others
But I love him, it's not my fault
Even if I know
That he will never love me
Ziggy, il s'appelle Ziggy
Je suis folle de lui
La premiere fois que je l'ai vu
Je m'suis jetee sur lui dans la rue
J'lui ai seulement dit
Que j'avais envie de lui

Ziggy, his name is Ziggy
I'm crazy about him
The first time I saw him
I jumped on him on the street
I simply told him
That I wanted him
Il etait quatre heures du matin
J'etais seule et j'avais besoin
De parler a quelqu'un
Il m'a dit: viens prendre un cafe
Et on s'est raconte nos vies
On a ri, on a pleure

It was four o'clock in the morning
I was alone and I needed
To talk to someone
He told me: come take a coffee
And we told each other lives
We laughed, and we cried
Ziggy, il s'appelle Ziggy
C'est mon seul ami
Dans sa tete y'a que d'la musique
Il vend des disques dans une boutique
On dirait qu'il vit dans une autre galaxie

Ziggy, his name is Ziggy
He's my only friend
In his head there's only music
He sells discs in a boutique
We could say he's living in another galaxy
Tous les soirs, il m'emmene danser
Dans des endroits tres tres gais
Ou il a des tas d'amis
Oui, je sais, il aime les garcons
Je devrais me faire une raison
Essayer de l'oublier, , , mais

Every night, he take me dancing
In very very cheerful places
Where he has lots of friends
Yes, I know, he likes boys
I should reason myself
Trying to forget him, , , but
Ziggy, il s'appelle Ziggy
Je suis folle de lui
C'est un garcon pas comme les autres
Et moi je l'aime, c'est pas d'ma faute
Meme si je sais
Qu'il ne m'aimera jamais.

Ziggy, his name is Ziggy
I'm crazy about him
He's a boy like no others
But I love him, it's not my fault
Even if I know
That he will never love me

And since that I am so nice, I search for the video and found one. Cute guy alert! And nudity! Hehehe... I love French people!

Ain't that sweet? : ) This is a new gay ad. From a Mayo company??

Simply heart-breaking. And a wonderful must-watch gay short film.

Ever stand on one side and watch the man of your dream walk down the aisle to marry a woman? I think this is one story many gays are able to relate to. And what if the husband-to-be is your best friend, who knows your admiration for him? And he is doing nothing to nurse your hidden pain.

The Best Men, listed as a winner of Season 4 The Best Click: Best in Short Film on Logoonline, talks about a gay guy, Peter (Michael Ellison), who comes back home for his best friend's wedding, only to walk down painfully the memory lane of his years of being in love with his best friend, Joe (Jason Yarusi). Although Joe's family members are fond of Peter, it is not helping Peter much to overcome his sadness. Even Joe's mom knows when a young man's heart is breaking.

I love this gay film. Beautifully directed by Tony Wei and written by Jesse Whitnall.

Be still, my broken heart.

Part 1

Part 2

It's fun what you can do with your watch. It's about time for another gay ad. Cute guys, hunks alert!

I don't come across gay characters or gay plots in Malaysian cinema often, although the neighboring countries have already done their share of gay themed films, namely Philippines and Thailand. Even Singapore has produced several - where Hainan Chicken Rice should be the one to be noticed.

I recalled seeing a gay character in Spinning Gasing, although the character was a poor stereotyping of what gays are to be. As a comic role, that gay character was portrayed as a sissy, who managed to steal his straight friend's virginity.

Of course there is I Don't Want To Sleep Alone, based on Malaysia background.

There is this gay short film, produced by R. Sharavanan & Amy Ikram Ismail, and directed by Mohd Akram Ismail, called Comolot. It runs for roughly 8 minutes, and it was a B grade attempt on gay scenario in Malaysia. Too dramatic for a short film, but hey, at least it was made in Malaysia. It was produced for Aswara (National Art & Culture Academy).

Comolot talks about two male lovers, Aiman and Daniel. I am not sure who is who, but the actors are Ben Quariel and Remy Ishak.

A girl came over to her finance's place, just to find herself disgusted by two affectionate guys embracing one another in the apartment's pool. She made her way up, just to find the finance's place set up for a romantic meal and the bedroom was in a mess. Curious, she proceeded to the bathroom, where she found Aiman and Daniel holding one another passionately. She stormed off, followed by a remorseful Daniel.

When Aiman showed up at a cruising place one evening, he was informed by his friend that Daniel was getting hitched. So, on the following day, Aiman drove over to stop the wedding.

It was an interesting effort. I welcome it. However, it was funny to note that the girl, Ita (I think), carried flowers in a bouquet for her lover. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. And the bathroom wall was covered by a homoerotic pin-up of a manly, shirtless guy. Wasn't that supposed to be a hint for her, since that I assume it was not her first time there?

I love to stay in that apartment, since that the chances of the guys to be gays are high (Note the pool scene and the main actors). And I love to cruise at the park in the middle of the show too, coz the gays are not afraid to hold hands. Wow.

As for Aiman, he should take more initiative. To stop a wedding, drive out earlier!!! He has a whole night and morning to prepare to stop the wedding. Why wait and struggle with traffic jam? Have you not learned about traffic jam in Malaysia?

Anyway, another admirable effort was that Mohd. Akram ended the gay film with a happy note for the gays, something that all the other - awards-winner-wannabes directors should learn.

Enjoy the film.

Edited: Someone told me that Comolot is a Malay term for Cium Mulut (Kiss the Lips). Hmmm...

And because Brett Chukerman got me all loving The Curiosity of Chance as posted in my previous blog, I have to let you guys know that he is in several gay themed films, including this short gay film, called Crush.

Directed and written by Phillip J Bartell, this sweet, light gay themed film won 5 awards. Oh yeah, Brett was so much younger then. But still cute, before adding hunk into his resume. : )

This gay film talks about how a teen, Robbie, copes with his sexual orientation, and of course a possible love interest with a school mate, Tim (Weston Mueller) : D

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Won Atlanta Film Festival 2000 Jury Award Best Narrative Film
Won Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival 2000 aGLIFF Award Best Boy's Short
Won Palm Springs International Short Film Festival 2000 Audience Award
Won San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2000 Audience Award Best Short
Won Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Audience Award Favorite Boy's Short

Sweet. How does one improve a poppish tv film like High School Musical? Add a gay lead, Chance Marquis (Tad Hilgenbrink). Of course, he is nothing as hunky as Zac Efron. But Tad is cute. So approved. Add a high school jock to be a love interest - Levi Sparks (Brett Chukerman), who is something like a Zac Efron. Yum. Add a nerdy schoolmate Hank Hudson (Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze) who carries a secretive metal case around and Twila Tiller (Aldevina Da Silva) as the tough fag hag. And voila! You have a better version of a fun movie, tastefully done to fit the gay hunger. You have The Curiosity of Chance. Sweet.

Directed by Russell P. Marleau, this gay themed film talks about an outcast in dressing kid, Chance, who wants to fit into the high school life being a non-conformist. It isn't easy, especially when he has either a tall hat or an eye-patch to attract questions. Chance lives with his father, who runs the family like a military, and a kid-smart younger sister.

An easy target to the bullies in school, Chance finds his alliance with a nerdy good friend and a rough cookie. However, his heart is set on his jocky neighbour whom he happens to spot shirtless. His neighbour turns out to be the hunky Levi who needs him to be a lab partner.

Chance's life in the school becomes miserable when Levi begins to distance himself, and when his photo of him performing as a drag queen gets out, all hell break loose.

So, it comes down to getting himself to be okay again in the high school, and hopefully to get the boy of his dream.

The Curiosity of Chance is a well-written film, designed to please those who are looking for lighter films, with good convincing acting from the leads.

What's with the drag queen thing? I still don't get it. Why do people think that gays have to be drag queens? There are gays who are happy to be gay men. This other people's obsession to be in women clothings is killing me.

But I love this film for two obvious reasons. Tad and Brett. And their kiss. Okay, make that three. : )


  • Won Chicago Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival 2007 Best Feature Film
  • Won Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2006 Best Director

Two teenagers. A dim room. No parents. One teen is asleep. The other teen watches TV. TV talks about male attraction to one another.

What would you do if you have an available male asleep beside you when you have the urge to explore?

Written and directed by David Kittredge, this gay short film talks about things that we have 'been there, done that'.

I like this gay film. : )

A gay short film by Frank Gomez. This gay film is about discovering a closeted in-law. Hm.

The title says it all. : ) Enjoy another gay song The Man I Love by the gay artist, Ivri Lider.

I have yet to check out how gay (or perhaps not) the MTV is, but I have decided to include it in this posting.

Someday he'll come along, The man I love
And he'll be big and strong, The man I love
And when he comes my way
I'll do my best to make him stay
He'll look at me and smile, I'll understand
Then in a little while, He'll take my hand
And though it seems absurd
I know we both won't say a word

Maybe I shall meet him Sunday,
Maybe Monday, maybe not
Still I'm sure to meet him sunday
Maybe Tuesday will be my good news day

He'll build a little home, That's meant for two
From which I'll never roam, Who would, would you
And so all else above
I'm dreaming of the man I love

If only you could see my face expression as I lied (I was lying down) through the whole 1hr 45min of this gay film sequel. I was bitter. I was disappointed.

Manay Po 2 tries to pick up where the Manay Po! ends, with Oscar (Polo Ravales) and Adrian (Sid Lucero) living together with the family, in a new house. The new gay plot in this sequel is that the two of them want to have a baby. Instead of searching for a surrogate mother, they advertise for a baby maker. Is that funny???? Enters Bette (Rufa Mae Quinto). And that means, enter mostly all that I cannot accept of the movie. Bette is all wrong for the movie. She is the slapstick joke, badly done. Bette is desperate for money, and in the beginning of the movie, tries to rob Luz of her jewelery.

If I were to have a baby, and needs a surrogate mother, I need a fit one. Not one who is hysterical, climbs into bed when my lover and I are cosy together, and does not jump and slap everyone or yell when she is surprised. That should have been the hint to jump the lunatic and save the family. Or show. But unfortunately, the director decides to focus on the non-gay essence of the show, and it is depressing to see her in every minutes of the movie, doing her second class unfunny jokes.

The only consolation I can take from Bette is when she advises Orwell that Orwell does not have to be a drag queen to be a gay.

Orson, who unfortunately flashes us with his tummy, due to bad directing, is back to his same old role, the drag queen who is boyfriendless. Still pining for Marky, who is marrying Gina, Orson finds a new guy, who suffers amnesia, and lies to handsome Reiner (Alex Castro) that they are lovers. So, we are dragged into another round of handsome John Prats without a serious gay love scene.

Orwell explores his sexual orientation more seriously in this film. However, there is no love interest for the young boy, except for an obsession for a studly homophobic young coach, who exposes himself in speedo, instead of a more cover-up dressing.

I am bitterly disappointed with the choice of Adrian this time. Instead of the manly Adrian (Luis Alandy), we are forced to accept that Adrian (Sid) has become a sissy, who is even thinking of a sex change. I could not even offer a smirk to the stupid joke. It is humiliating, especially looking at how clinging he is to Orson, which demonstrate zero chemistry. And I thought I am the one with bad hair. Did the film production run out of budget to hire a hair specialist for Adrian?

A small consolation was that Christian Vasquez and Mike Tan still look good. Everything else is negligible.

Some movies are good. They should be left to rest-in-peace. To make a sequel and make a horrible job at making a follow-up is doing no justice to the memory of the original. Let's just hope that Another Gay Sequel, the sequel to Another Gay Movie is not going to be as bad as Manay Po!'s sequel.

Let the bads be bygones.

In celebrating the release of Manay Po 2: Overload, I have decided to rewatch Manay Po!, which means Sisters. There is a reason I still think this is the best gay themed film among all those produced and released in Philippines. It's like all the hottest guys in Philippines were bundled up in this production. And oh yeah, the story is entertaining too.

Manay Po! (directed by Joel Lamangan and written by Dinno Erece) story centralizes on Luz (Cherry Pie Picache), a woman who is forced to build a life on her own, after two times failed relationship with two men, who fathered 3 children of hers.

The eldest is macho Oscar (Polo Ravales), who hates his second brother's lifestyle. Oscar has to live his life to be what his mother expects him to be - straight, and an engineer or a lawyer. So, he chooses to have a relationship with Pauleen, although his heart loves his best friend, Adrian (Luis Alandy). Their 7 years relationship begins to shatter when Pauleen pressures Oscar to marry her.

Adrian confronting closeted Oscar about his girlfriend.

Orson (John Prats) is the flamboyant gay, who is not afraid to embrace his femininity. That irks Oscar. Orson dreams of being the Miss Gay University. However, his true heartache comes in the form of a straight handsome best friend, Arante (Mike Tan), who is distancing himself when the latter finds a new girlfriend. To win Arante back, Orson forces himself to be a man, instead of the queen he really is.

Orson dressing up manly to impress Arante

Orwell (Jiro Manio) is the youngest son of Luz, whom she has given her blessing to accept him even if he is gay. To which he says that he is not, something that she delights in. However, Orwell begins to develop a new friendship with a schoolmate, where he is beginning to show his true side.

Orwell spending more time with male best friend

At the same time too, Luz finds herself a new love interest Gerry (Christian Vasquez), who is a stuntman. Her financial problem starts when she wants to earn bigger commission by selling more expensive jewelery. Unfortunately, she is robbed of the earrings, and needs $2m pesos to redeem her house title back. Gerry works as an exotic dancer just to help her to assemble the money.

All in all, this movie reminds me much of Rice Rhapsody (Hainan Ji Fun) (2004), a production from Singapore. Unlike Rice Rhapsody, this Philippines movie concentrates on the gay sons' lives too, instead of just the mother.

Gerry asking for soap. But the sons were more interested in the package.

And how all the sons are outed.

Comical and wonderful. I love Manay Po! Now, I am praying hard that Manay Po 2 disappoints not.

The poster may not looked attractive or impressive, but don't let it fool you. This gay short film, irected by Peggy Rajski, won Academy Award (Oscar) in 1994 for Best Live Action Short Film. Trevor can brag what other gay short films cannot.

Trevor is a gay short film about Trevor, who is obsessed with Diana Ross and is dying for attention. It is funny. It is wonderfully done. In order to get his parents' attention, Trevor acts out dramatically (stage out) fake death. In the background, you can hear songs of Diana Ross played. Imagine The Adventure of Priscilla and ABBA. Imagine Muriel's Wedding with ABBA. Imagine The Broken Hearts Club and The Carpenters. Trevor is what those movies had done, but this time with Diana Ross, but done tastefully.

Trevor (Brett Barsky) likes his jock friend, Pinky (Jonah Rooney). I know - PINKY????. When his nerdy friend finds out, Trevor becomes the laughing stock, and of course, the outcast. And this time, he gets serious about taking his life. He takes multiple pills of aspirin.

You have to watch the short film for yourself. It is not a depressing film, despite how the story goes. It does have a happy ending, and it relates again to... Diana Ross.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  • Won Academy Award (1995) Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film
  • Won Berlin International Film Festival (1995) for Best Short Film
  • Won San Francisco International Film Festival (1995) Film & Video - Short Narrative
  • Won San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (1995) Audience Award Best Short
  • Won Sundance Film Festival (1995) Special Jury Prize Short Filmmaking - Honorable Mention
This gay short film is my all time favorite gay short.

To celebrate this week's burst into the Top 5 of Billboard Hot 100 with her song I Kissed a Girl, I have decided to post up Katy Perry's the other famous gay song/tune Ur So Gay. Ur So Gay has just dethroned the gay icon, Madonna's 4 Minutes from the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales. Talk about ironic.

I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf
While jacking off listening to Mozart
You bitch and moan about LA
Wishing you were in the rain reading Hemingway
You don’t eat meat
And drive electrical cars
You’re so indie rock it’s almost an art
You need SPF 45 just to stay alive

You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like boys
You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like…

You’re so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal
You’re so skinny you should really Super Size the deal
Secretly you’re so amused
That nobody understands you
I’m so mean cause I cannot get you outta your head
I’m so angry cause you’d rather MySpace instead
I can’t believe I fell in love with someone that wears more makeup than…

You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like boys
You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like…

You walk around like you’re oh so debonair
You pull ‘em down and there’s really nothing there
I wish you would just be real with me

You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like boys
You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
Oh no no no no no no no
You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like boys
You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like… PENIS

I love French gay films. The men are cute. The storyline is good. And the men are cute.

Nothing messes up a happy family (and proud parents, especially the dad) easier than a successful son arriving home to announce that he is gay. This is what Times Have Been Better is about - a gay themed film that focuses on the parents coping the 33 year old son coming out.

Jeremy (Arnaud Binard) arrives home to announce that he has been promoted, that his promotion would be featured in magazine, that he is moving to a spacious loft, and that he is gay. And that he is living with his male lover, Marc (Pierre Deny). And immediately, he leaves, leaving his parents to confront his news on their own. Which also leaves Robin (Oliver Gueritee), his cute younger brother to watch the home drama unfold.

Guy (Bernard Le Coq), Jeremy's dad, does not take the news well, unlike Rosine (Charlotte de Turckheim) the ever devoted mother. Guy has questions that no one is willing to answer him, including Robin. He becomes bitter and angry - before, during and after meeting Marc. He takes the anger out on Rosine as well as on his friends. Guy can never understand how his wife is so easily willing to embrace the news, unlike him. Rosine becomes closer to her gay colleague and leaves Guy.

To clear the mess, Jeremy has to take the step of going back and face the problem. And save his parents' marriage.

I adore this film, for it tackles the issue of coming out, being gay and more in different light. It tells us that coming out is not an issue that gays have to bear with. Those whom we come out to face their shares of problems too. Charlotte is a charmer.

A delightful film.

Won New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2007 Best Foreign Narrative Feature

Rak Haeng Siam (The Love of Siam) (2007) has all the right actors to make this a wonderful movie to own, and to be watched again and again. This gay film deals with 2 male teenagers who finds comfort in each other's company. Tong (Mario Maurer) lost his sister and his family dealt with the loss badly by moving away. Tong meets Mew (Witwisit Hirunwongkul) again when they are teenagers. By then, Mew is already a member of a teen group. In his association with Tong, Mew writes a love song that is only so obviously inspired by Tong. At the same time too, Tong has problem progressing with his own girlfriend. In the evening where Mew sings that song he wrote, Tong and Mew shares a kiss.

Tong's mother objects to the relationship development, and since then, Mew and Tong no longer meets up. But Tong faces difficulties to deny his feeling for Mew, and eventually, he attends the singing contest where Mew is participating.

Tong meets up again with Mew after the singing, and they depart as mutual friends only. FUCK!

This movie won Thailand National Film Association Award Best Picture award, as well as Best Director and Best Supporting Actress (Laila Boonyasak). It also received 12 other nominations.

My complaint about the movie? It has the most beautiful actors to portray a love story that could be a bigger talk-about, but unfortunately the film usage of them was not to the maximum. There is still a certain level of homophobic treatment of the film, although it is obviously a gay teen love story. Note the posters used. Why should two teenager girls who have little roles in the film be included? And don't get me started on the way the film ends. FUCK! Again.

Edited (June 1, 2008): As I am unhappy with the original DVD cover for including girls who are of minor roles, I have custom-made my own. It is not perfect, but nether is the original's.

Download the full size DVD cover here.

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