In celebrating the release of Manay Po 2: Overload, I have decided to rewatch Manay Po!, which means Sisters. There is a reason I still think this is the best gay themed film among all those produced and released in Philippines. It's like all the hottest guys in Philippines were bundled up in this production. And oh yeah, the story is entertaining too.

Manay Po! (directed by Joel Lamangan and written by Dinno Erece) story centralizes on Luz (Cherry Pie Picache), a woman who is forced to build a life on her own, after two times failed relationship with two men, who fathered 3 children of hers.

The eldest is macho Oscar (Polo Ravales), who hates his second brother's lifestyle. Oscar has to live his life to be what his mother expects him to be - straight, and an engineer or a lawyer. So, he chooses to have a relationship with Pauleen, although his heart loves his best friend, Adrian (Luis Alandy). Their 7 years relationship begins to shatter when Pauleen pressures Oscar to marry her.

Adrian confronting closeted Oscar about his girlfriend.

Orson (John Prats) is the flamboyant gay, who is not afraid to embrace his femininity. That irks Oscar. Orson dreams of being the Miss Gay University. However, his true heartache comes in the form of a straight handsome best friend, Arante (Mike Tan), who is distancing himself when the latter finds a new girlfriend. To win Arante back, Orson forces himself to be a man, instead of the queen he really is.

Orson dressing up manly to impress Arante

Orwell (Jiro Manio) is the youngest son of Luz, whom she has given her blessing to accept him even if he is gay. To which he says that he is not, something that she delights in. However, Orwell begins to develop a new friendship with a schoolmate, where he is beginning to show his true side.

Orwell spending more time with male best friend

At the same time too, Luz finds herself a new love interest Gerry (Christian Vasquez), who is a stuntman. Her financial problem starts when she wants to earn bigger commission by selling more expensive jewelery. Unfortunately, she is robbed of the earrings, and needs $2m pesos to redeem her house title back. Gerry works as an exotic dancer just to help her to assemble the money.

All in all, this movie reminds me much of Rice Rhapsody (Hainan Ji Fun) (2004), a production from Singapore. Unlike Rice Rhapsody, this Philippines movie concentrates on the gay sons' lives too, instead of just the mother.

Gerry asking for soap. But the sons were more interested in the package.

And how all the sons are outed.

Comical and wonderful. I love Manay Po! Now, I am praying hard that Manay Po 2 disappoints not.


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