I don't come across gay characters or gay plots in Malaysian cinema often, although the neighboring countries have already done their share of gay themed films, namely Philippines and Thailand. Even Singapore has produced several - where Hainan Chicken Rice should be the one to be noticed.

I recalled seeing a gay character in Spinning Gasing, although the character was a poor stereotyping of what gays are to be. As a comic role, that gay character was portrayed as a sissy, who managed to steal his straight friend's virginity.

Of course there is I Don't Want To Sleep Alone, based on Malaysia background.

There is this gay short film, produced by R. Sharavanan & Amy Ikram Ismail, and directed by Mohd Akram Ismail, called Comolot. It runs for roughly 8 minutes, and it was a B grade attempt on gay scenario in Malaysia. Too dramatic for a short film, but hey, at least it was made in Malaysia. It was produced for Aswara (National Art & Culture Academy).

Comolot talks about two male lovers, Aiman and Daniel. I am not sure who is who, but the actors are Ben Quariel and Remy Ishak.

A girl came over to her finance's place, just to find herself disgusted by two affectionate guys embracing one another in the apartment's pool. She made her way up, just to find the finance's place set up for a romantic meal and the bedroom was in a mess. Curious, she proceeded to the bathroom, where she found Aiman and Daniel holding one another passionately. She stormed off, followed by a remorseful Daniel.

When Aiman showed up at a cruising place one evening, he was informed by his friend that Daniel was getting hitched. So, on the following day, Aiman drove over to stop the wedding.

It was an interesting effort. I welcome it. However, it was funny to note that the girl, Ita (I think), carried flowers in a bouquet for her lover. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. And the bathroom wall was covered by a homoerotic pin-up of a manly, shirtless guy. Wasn't that supposed to be a hint for her, since that I assume it was not her first time there?

I love to stay in that apartment, since that the chances of the guys to be gays are high (Note the pool scene and the main actors). And I love to cruise at the park in the middle of the show too, coz the gays are not afraid to hold hands. Wow.

As for Aiman, he should take more initiative. To stop a wedding, drive out earlier!!! He has a whole night and morning to prepare to stop the wedding. Why wait and struggle with traffic jam? Have you not learned about traffic jam in Malaysia?

Anyway, another admirable effort was that Mohd. Akram ended the gay film with a happy note for the gays, something that all the other - awards-winner-wannabes directors should learn.

Enjoy the film.

Edited: Someone told me that Comolot is a Malay term for Cium Mulut (Kiss the Lips). Hmmm...


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