Simply heart-breaking. And a wonderful must-watch gay short film.

Ever stand on one side and watch the man of your dream walk down the aisle to marry a woman? I think this is one story many gays are able to relate to. And what if the husband-to-be is your best friend, who knows your admiration for him? And he is doing nothing to nurse your hidden pain.

The Best Men, listed as a winner of Season 4 The Best Click: Best in Short Film on Logoonline, talks about a gay guy, Peter (Michael Ellison), who comes back home for his best friend's wedding, only to walk down painfully the memory lane of his years of being in love with his best friend, Joe (Jason Yarusi). Although Joe's family members are fond of Peter, it is not helping Peter much to overcome his sadness. Even Joe's mom knows when a young man's heart is breaking.

I love this gay film. Beautifully directed by Tony Wei and written by Jesse Whitnall.

Be still, my broken heart.

Part 1

Part 2


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