The poster may not looked attractive or impressive, but don't let it fool you. This gay short film, irected by Peggy Rajski, won Academy Award (Oscar) in 1994 for Best Live Action Short Film. Trevor can brag what other gay short films cannot.

Trevor is a gay short film about Trevor, who is obsessed with Diana Ross and is dying for attention. It is funny. It is wonderfully done. In order to get his parents' attention, Trevor acts out dramatically (stage out) fake death. In the background, you can hear songs of Diana Ross played. Imagine The Adventure of Priscilla and ABBA. Imagine Muriel's Wedding with ABBA. Imagine The Broken Hearts Club and The Carpenters. Trevor is what those movies had done, but this time with Diana Ross, but done tastefully.

Trevor (Brett Barsky) likes his jock friend, Pinky (Jonah Rooney). I know - PINKY????. When his nerdy friend finds out, Trevor becomes the laughing stock, and of course, the outcast. And this time, he gets serious about taking his life. He takes multiple pills of aspirin.

You have to watch the short film for yourself. It is not a depressing film, despite how the story goes. It does have a happy ending, and it relates again to... Diana Ross.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  • Won Academy Award (1995) Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film
  • Won Berlin International Film Festival (1995) for Best Short Film
  • Won San Francisco International Film Festival (1995) Film & Video - Short Narrative
  • Won San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (1995) Audience Award Best Short
  • Won Sundance Film Festival (1995) Special Jury Prize Short Filmmaking - Honorable Mention
This gay short film is my all time favorite gay short.


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