When A Man Is In Love With A Man is one of the few songs by Of Montreal that deals with homosexuality. And it is a good, supportive gay song. And this is not a gay pop band. Nope.

Now a man loving a woman that's a very common thing
Common but beautiful all the same
Still there's something so neat something so extraordinarily sweet
with a man who's in love with a man

I have nothing to say about the traditional ways
They're fine if they work well for you
But there is something so right so completely
Out of sight
With a man who's in love with a man
Or a woman who's in love with a woman

They should never feel ashamed because it's so important
To do the things we want with whoever turns us on
Now a man desiring a woman that's a very common thing
Common and really rather dull
There is something so strange something so
Wonderfully deranged in a man desiring a man
Or a woman desiring a woman....

Men are usually fighting each other
That's why I think it's so special when a man and
A man are in love It's so good It's so special
Now a man kissing a woman is a very common thing
Common but usually quite nice
Still there is something so fine
Something so beautifully divine
In a man kissing a man
A man kissing a man

Unfortunately, I cannot find the lyrics to this fantastic gay song. Bummer. Anyway, Coming Out Crew made this famous, and so, I am sharing it here... :D

Reine Geschmacksache is a delightful film about an aging father, Wolfgang Zenker (Edgar Selge) who is having a difficult time to compete with a new, young colleague, Steven Brookmüller (Roman Knizka) in securing clients for their fashion line. Financial problems kept growing in Zenker's household, and things were made more difficult when Zenker's obedient teenage son, Karsten (Florian Bartholomäi) fell for Steven.

Reine Geschmacksache (Fashion Victms) is a German film, directed by Ingo Rasper. It is a tastefully done film, that brings charms to a troubled family, and funny gay relationship between two young lovers. The scene, where all hell broke loose, at the inn, was a moment too funny to miss. Definitely one of my top favourite gay film.

Won Audience Award, Best Young Actor (Florian Bartholomäi) and Screenplay Award at Max Ophüls Festival (2007).
Won Audience Award at Undine Awards, Austria (2007)

Nick is a teenager, struggling to find the right direction for his life. He leaves his home to pursue education in art. Unable to bear with the feeling that he was isolated for being a gay, he moves in to stay with his uncle. And eventually he dumps the school, to work for I Dream of Cleanie where he is hired to clean the apartments and houses when the owners are away.

It is a struggle for Nick to avoid the judgment that he is being irresponsible for his life. He falls for guys who don't give him any love interest in return. He stays with 3 roommates in a small place, just to share the rent. Nick is paying for Kendra's share.. secretly. Roberto, his other straight roommate, is sick, and is secretly in love with him. He loses his job. He avoids his family.

And he misses his family. Especially his twin brother.

But he feels like he can never go back. Not to where he is invisible. Where people don't see him.

I have to confess that the book cover makes it easy for me to decide to buy When You Don't See Me. This is the first book by Timothy James Beck that I have read. And happily owns. :D The story was written beautifully, and some lines were so wittily charming, I could not help to smile.

However, I do think the story is also aimless, where I don't have the patient to run through what Nick does, daily, in and out. And I just got lost in remembering who is who in the book. I thought Faggots by Larry Kramer was bad. When You Don't See Me is a quarter-way there. I just kept reading, not caring who was having conversation or love affair with Nick. Not that there were many love affairs in the book. Make Nick straight, and this book is just another typical written book about any individual who is too lazy to do something better in life.

Dirty Love is a gay short film that deals with a teenager first night cruising. Derik (Dustin Varpness) was picked up by a hustle (D.T. Matias), who was trying to con Derik of his money. But in the last minute, the hustle changed his mind. This film is written and directed by Michael Tinge.

I like a simple film like this. And I like a movie about a teenager coming out. It is nice to know that in the world of selfish love and desrire, there is still a certain degree of honesty among the cruisers. :D

Otto; Or Up With Dead People is a film linked to Bruce La Bruce. It is played out as a docu-drama film about Otto (Jey Crisfar), a gay zombie, who finds himself an outcast, as he is rejected by the society, and also being a non-conformist. Otto is a vegetarian. So, the idea of biting another human does not agree with him. And even as a zombie, Otto is still a victim of gay-bashing. So, even though Adolf (Guido Sommer) wants to build a relationship with Otto, Otto is unable to happy being who he is.

Bruce La Bruce is a film writer and director that has already commanded a cult followers, who are curious (like me) or indulged in his B-graded films, which are usually centralized on the voices of sexual freedom, political ideas and anti-prejudice. When it comes to a movie by Bruce La Bruce, expect sexual explicit contents, and basically, that is what I want when I settle for his film. So, after The Raspberry Reich (2004), Skin Gang (1999) and Hustler White (1996), Otto; Or Up With Dead People seems a little tamed, which disappointed me. As usual, there were the narrations of hate crimes and sexual deviation.

For me, the best part of the film came within the last 20 minutes of the film. No regret in watching the film, but really.. I was expecting more. :p

The Winter of Our Discotheque is a novel focusing on the struggle of Tony Alexamenos, a drop dead gorgeous teenager, discovered by wealthy Dallas Eden. Although Dallas lusts for Tony, he never touches Tony, with hope that one day Tony may return his gestures of care and devotion to Tony. Tony falls for Connecticut and they both leave for New York, where it becomes a city of heartbreak and challenge for Tony. When Connecticut leaves, and Dallas passes away, Tony depends on Val to pick up his waning career as a male model and his sad love life.

This was a book that got me hooked when I read the first page. It was engrossing the way Tony was described, which made it steamy hot even just to read the description of Tony. I was eager to settle down for an erotic read.

Unfortunately, that was the best the book went. After that, the love and sex lives of Tony were just too pathetic, and the struggles of Tony was too fast-paced for enjoyment. It seemed like Tony was a magnet for loser guys, and it did not make the reading delightful. It was too sad, and not even hot, as in erotic, enough to demand for my attention. Sad.

Still, I was glad that I did finish the book, and know what this book is about.

Lily Allen's album now is hot. You know, that cool lady with the UK hit, Smile. The album It's Not Me, It's You produced the no.1 song The Fear. In an earlier EP released, Lily Allen had included this song called Fag Hag. You know we gays love Fag Hags. So, this is a song for celebration. :D

I like apple pie
And you like banoffee
We both love shopping for furniture
And meeting for coffee
We pretend we're into art galleries
'Cause it makes us feel clever
We're both in our element when we're on our knees
Whatever the weather

I could be your fag hag
And you could be my gay
I'll never make you feel sad
When you come out to play

We don't give a fuck
What people are thinking
I know you'll always look out for me
When we go out drinking
I can ask you things I can't ask anyone
And you'll give me direction
Apart from me, you're the only other person I know
Who reads the travel section


Be my gay


A 12 minute direction, and written by Travis Cook, 5 Phone Conversations (2006) tells a simple story of 5 phone calls between John (Mick de Lint) and Korey (Brian Colbert-Kennedy). Remember the first call? Remember the topics to talk about as the communication continues? Well, this is a short gay themed film about the first call, and the consequent 4 more calls between two gay guys.

Mick is real cute. I cannot believe a guy like him alone. But somehow, I like to buy the idea that such conversations do exist, between two complete strangers, becoming more. I only wish that sometimes the conversations were clear enough to hear, instead of the need to strain the ears.

Part 1

Part 2

Milk (2008), directed by Gus Van Sant, is a movie based on the true story of Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk was the first openly gay supervisor of San Fransisco. The movie talks about Harvey (Sean Penn) and the gay community's struggle to be heard, to have their rights defended and to live as equal citizens of the area. After a few run, eventually Harvey Milk won the election, and made history. 11 months after his victory, Harvey Milk was shot to death in the office.

After watching, I just have to say that the movie was beautifully made, and Sean Penn deserved to win all those awards that he had won for his portrayal as Harvey Milk. He was so convincing. The movie touched me, to know the difficulty the gay community had to go through, and to have one victory ended so tragically.

Let's hope Sean Penn wins Oscar this round too.

Boston Society of Film Critics Awards 2008
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn), tied with Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler (2008).
- Won Best Director (Gus Van Sant)
- Won Best Screenplay (Dustin Lance Black)

Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards 2009
- Won Best Acting Ensemble
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn)

Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards 2008
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn)

National Board of Review, USA 2008
- Won best Supporting Actor (Josh Brolin)

New York Film Critics Circle Awards 2008
- Won Best Picture
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn)
- Won Best Supporting Actor (Josh Brolin)

PGA Awards 2009
- Won Best Producer (Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen)

Palm Springs International Film Festival 2009
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn)

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2009
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn)

Southeastern Film Critics Association Awards 2008
- Won Best Picture
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn)
- Best Original Screenplay (Dustin Lance Black)

Lifetime released Prayers for Bobby on Jan 24, 2009. Prayers for Bobby (directed by Russell Mulcahy) deals with the true story of a devout Christian, Mary Griffith (Sigourney Weaver) who could not accept her son's sexual orientation. Eager to change Bobby (Ryan Kelley), Mary had sent Bobby for therapy, setting Bobby with a girl as well as sending Bobby to church group. Eventually, Bobby took his own life.

Saddened by the whole incident, and taken by grief, Mary searched for an answer. And she found her peace. Mary became involved with gay movements and fought for gay rights.

I held back tears so often when the movie was approaching its end. There was so much bitterness in denying that gays have rights, and when the movie began to offer the true picture of people's interpretation of the bible, the truth was so great, I was overwhelmed.

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