Dade is having a secret affair with Pablo, who has a jealous girlfriend, Judy. Frustrated that he is not treated well, Dade begins to distance himself from Pablo, who contacts Dade only when he has the urge to fun. As soon as the fun is over, Pablo chases Dade away. A handsome young drug-dealer, Alex enters the picture and becomes a new interest for Dade. With Alex, it is so much easier for Dade to get over Pablo.

I won't call this book as anything above ordinary, but I am not entirely disappointed with the story presentation. I enjoyed the slow story. It is like watching a slow Oscar movie, where there is no prediction of where the story will end, or how it should end. Dade is painted as a frustrated teenager, who is weeks away from his new college life. He has to face the marital problems his parents are facing, the verbal abuses from other teenagers who suspect him of being gay and disappointment with Pablo.

I was curious the need of including Jenny into the storyline, but I think that plot may be good enough to get me to read again this book once again, to see how the town's obsession with a missing girl blends in with the story of a gay teenager deals with coming out.

In 1995, Sheryl Crow sang Strong Enough, a hit that reached No.5 on Billboard Hot 100. I read somewhere it was a song about her father. Don't shoot me if I am wrong.

Anyway, I was lucky to come across this song by Keta-Men, which was made to have a gay-feel - a gay song called Strong Enough. This song had been around long enough, since 1997, and I am happy to have bumped into it by chance and luck. :)

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