Luke has just turned 18. And this means he earns his ID card which states that he is 18, a passport for him to get into gay sauna.

So, Luke goes to his first ever gay sauna. And it turns out to be an experience almost so real like what we all go through. The hunks don't want us, and the out-of-shapes harass us. ;p LOL.

So, does it mean all too pitiful for our young Luke? Well, you have to watch to know this short gay film. :)

Remember the song Fame from the movie Fame in the 80's? I know that there was a gay character from that film. Well, the film Dance Flick which poked fun at dance films included this one section where one of the students who was gay, sang this parody of gay Fame. Since that this school is Musical High School, and the boy is close to Tracy, something more like Hairspray, I think the movie is poking fun at the idea of a gay Zac Efron. Definitely a fine gay scene and hilarious. I just have to include this into the list. The guy is Brennan Hillard, and isn't he cute???!! : )

How I wish there is a gay film on Fame!

Baby, look at me
I'm just an average teen
In gym class I watch you undress
It's no secret that fashion is my interest

I got something in me
I'm gonna set it free
I'm Lance from 'N Sync's number one fan
Don't you know I love Bass
Now you know that I'm gay

I'll be gay forever
I will always love guys

I'll wear chaps made of leather
Do you think Tom Cruise is bi?
Brokeback Mountain was heaven...
Is Ryan Seacrest straight?

I'm gonna love men forever...
Baby, remember, I'm gay...

Remember, he's a member
Remember, he's a member...
Remember, he's a member...

I'm gay...
Remember, I'm gay

John Simpson's Patrick St James is back for another adventure. Still in the closet, Patrick works well with his work partner Hank to beat down crimes. At the same time too, Patrick's relationship with Dean is blossoming. Hank finds himself a cute young thing, Shawn, to indulge in. However, a new murder emerges in the town where a young gay is killed. It is left to Patrick and Hank to go undercover again to nail the killer.

I was not sure if I was happy to see Patrick back again. I did love Murder Most Gay until Patrick settled down with Dean. I did not know why I did not like Dean better, but maybe I was expecting more action between Patrick and Hank, before Dean stepped into the picture. As usual, John Simpson wrote the story well, including a detail description of the proper procedure of carrying out any tasks. It was a well-thought work.

However, I have to admire the erotic moments brought up when Patrick, Dean, Hank and Shawn came together in a tent. I was disappointed that the story did not develop further. It was as if there was a certain level of fidelity that should not be crossed, which really killed the story when preaching came in. But it was still a good book, and I was happy to read more on Hank's pervert-ness.

I only hope that one day this is made into a gay film, where I can see perhaps Zac Efron starring in it. Fine, he may be too short, but Zac Efron is the finest there is. And perhaps throw in Mitch Hewer. Or at least put Hunter Parrish. Sigh.. That gay film would be a smash. LOL.

Patrick St James is a new officer joining the police force. Patrick fears that if his colleagues are aware of his sexual orientation, he is not going to be able to enjoy his work easily. Being gay has its advantages in the police force. A series of murder of young gays forced Patrick to work with Hank, another new hunky officer. Knowing that Hank is also another closeted gay, Patrick works well with Hank but still fearing his other colleagues for homophobic treatment. Patrick and Hank are asked to go undercover to catch the serial killer who is preying for young handsome gays. Along the way, Patrick falls for a doctor named Dean, who is worried for Patrick's safety as Patrick is chosen be the bait for the murderer.

I have to admit that when I first read this book, I did not know that I was reading a homoerotic thriller. I think this is one of the best combination where the book does not dwell only on the sex stuff, but tells the story. I find myself engrossed and wanting to know more of what's going to happen to Patrick next. Somehow, I like the combo of Patrick-Hank more and was disappointed that Patrick settled for the boring Dean.

Is One of You Eddie has to be one of the best gay short film I have ever seen. This gay film preaches funnily on not to judge a book by its cover too soon. Really, what is a gay man's look? What is the fashion sense and style? What is the trend of clothing and clothes for a gay man to wear and to be, in order to be considered as an in-gay. Michael Simon wrote and directed this wonderful gay movie, which runs for 8 minutes, about 4 neighbors who are too quick to comment negatively on Eddie, until a hunk shows up.

Directed by Randy Caspersen, Run to Me is a gay short film about two running buddies, David and Ben. When David stopped speaking to Ben, his thoughts were still lingering around Ben. David tried to avoid Ben, who seemed to be in David's running path, sitting on a bench often. Eventually, David wrote Ben a letter, asking for forgiveness.

This gay film is simple. It does make me wonder if there is anything more to this than just a running buddies film, or perhaps it is just that. Nothing more. Nothing as imagined to be a film about two guys who may like each other more than just to be running partners. Perhaps David likes Ben more than what he is willing to admit.

Here's an interesting gay song I've come across in Youtube. It's in Finnish, which means I don't understand a word, but thank goodness there is Google Translation. It is not perfect but at least I have some idea what the gay song is singing about. Homojen Kevät translated is supposed to be Spring Gay. I have no way to verify this by Yahoo Babel Fish Translation as there is none for Finnish - English.

Men2men - Homojen kevät

vain mies voi tietää mikä mieheen sattuu
(only a man can know what happens to the man)
vain mies voi tietää mikä mieheen mahtuu
(only a man can not know what the man can hold)
meillä kesti hetki tajuta et
(we took a moment to realize you do not)
seksi miesten kanssa lisää nautintoa monenkertasesti
(sex with men more pleasure in a variety of single)
mut hei, se löytää joka jaksaa ettii
(but hey, it will find a jaksaa ettii)
se taas todistettii täs on komee esimerkki
(it was proven once again have to specify komee example)
en ois koskaa uskonu et ois
(I never thought you)
jotku paikat ihmisvartalos voi olla niin kosketusherkkii
(Some places ihmisvartalos may not be so kosketusherkkii)
te ootte opettanu mulle paljon uutta
(you guys taught me a lot of new)
niin monta eri tapaa käyttää suuta
(so many different ways to use the mouth)
vittuun vitut mä en tarvii muuta
(fuck hell I do not alter tarvii)
ku silloin tällöin vähä rakkauden luuta ku
(occasionally low bone love)
saan teiän kainalosta joka aamu herätä
(I get teiän arm every morning to wake up)
enkä kaipaa enää takas vanhaa hetero elämää
(I am no longer in need of back to the old heterosexual life)
mä haluun teiän kans vaa kokemuksii kerätä
(I wish teiän with the experience required to collect)
yhdessä kohti huomista
(together towards tomorrow)
kohti homojen kevättä
(towards gay spring)

Kaks miestä (Two men)
vierekkäin sängyssä painii
(side by side in bed is confronted with)
tää on taidetta eikä tähän tarvi naisii
(this is art and not needed for this naisii)
moni jo kaapista ulos astunu
(multi-chamber already come out)
moni toisen miehen hyväilystä kostunu
(another multi-man petting kostunu)
rakastan tätä, rakastan miehii
(I love this, I love miehii)
niit voimakkaita lihaksii, peniksii pienii niit
(powerful muscles, the penis pienii)
koko ei merkkaa, vaan ne hellä otteet
(size does not mark, but they are gentle on the extracts)
mies, mä haluun jutella ja antaa pelkän tunteen lentää man,
(I wish to talk and give a simple feeling to fly)
vapaana miehiseen sydämeen
(free male heart)
sä fiilaat kunnon miehii, mä tiesin yhä sen sä fiilaat
(condition miehii, I still knew it)
ku tulin takas sun luo ja halusin rakkautta ku
(I came back to create a Sunday and I wanted to love)
ilta voidaan viedä loppuun vain kalusi kautta
(States may be exported to the end, only through kalusi)

ainostaan mies osaa koskettaa miestä
(only a man can touch the man)
sinä ja minä, kostutaan hiestä
(You and I, kostutaan hiestä)
mun mielestä oot tosi lutunen
(my view, real-oot lutunen)
ku herään sun vierestä olo on niin kotonen ku
(I wake up next Sunday, feel so kotonen)
pekka, sä todella kosketit mua pekka,
(you really touch me)
pekka, taisin suhun rakastua pekka,
(suhun would fall in love)
mut en uskalla vielä sitoutua joten pekka
(but I dare not yet commit to the guy)
annetaan tän jutun hautua
(given tän story brew)
herään, mut sä nukut vielä
(I wake up, but are you still in your favor)
teeskentelet vain, kyl mä sut tiedän
(only pretending, kyl mä sut know)
kutitan sua, ihan joka paikasta
(kutitan you, just a place)
olet hiljaa, puret hammasta
(you shut up, chew the tooth)
yhtäkkiä sun suloinen nauru kaikuu kattohuoneistossa
(Sunday suddenly sweet laughter echoes roof apartment)
hetkessä sä oot syvällä meikän suolistossa
(instantly you 're deep in the gut meikän)
se tekee siellä ihmeitä
(it will take a miracle)
myötäilen sun liikkeitä
(Sunday in line with the movements)
ooh pekka! (pekka ooh!)

This is one of the year's best films. - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-times

Chen Kaige's film is one of the year's true masterpieces. - James Berardinelli, Reelviews

The film is an adaptation of the novel written by Lilian Lee.


Director : Chen Kaige
Producer : Hsu Feng
Writers : Lilian Lee (also novel), Lei Bik-Wa, Lu Wei
Leslie Cheung as Cheng Dieyi
Zhang Fengyi as Duan Xiaolou
Gong Li as Juxian


Storyline : Dieyi has been brought up to make believe that he can play a female role in the Chinese Opera. He lives to embrace the life of a female role. As such, there is the question of his sexual attraction to Xiaolou. Is it nurtured or is it natural?

Since the day Dieyi joins the army of young workers, trained to impress the audience who love the story portrayed on stage in heavy costume and make-up, Xiaolou has often been protective of Dieyi. This is even so when initially a young Dieyi refuses to act as the female character. Xiaolou forces Dieyi to accept his

As time marches on, Dieyi and Xiaolou become a sensational couple on stage, loved by many. However, behind the stage, the relationship between Dieyi and Xiaolou is tested when Juxian steps into the picture. Juxian tempts Xiaolou into a relationship with her, which jeopardises Xiaolou relationship with Dieyi. Feeling betrayed, Dieyi finds comfort in the arm of an admirer. However, that does not end the feeling Dieyi has for Xiaolou. When Japanese soldiers take over China, it is Dieyi (with persuasion by Juxian) who must do his best to entertain the soldiers in order to plead them to release Xiaolou. That does not rest well with Xiaolou who sees this as an insult to the Chinese. The final test on these three come when the Chinese Revolution arrives. In the eyes of many young ambitious communists, Dieyi, Xiaolou and Juxian are confronted with their personal greed for their own freedom, mixed with fear.

Does true love survive?

Critics Tomatometer : 91% (as of 1 April 2007)

"Farewell My Concubine" is a demonstration of how a great epic can function.
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-times

No film can ever hope to convey the complex mosaic of cultural upheaval caused by everything that happened between 1924 and 1977, but Farewell My Concubine does an excellent job presenting samples of the flavor while telling a story that is both epic and intimate.
- James Berardinelli, Reelviews

..Visually impressive and emotionally complex..
- Emanuel Levy, EmanuelLevy.Com

..Farewell My Concubine boasts some startling moments, a few grand set-pieces and excellent performances all around..
- Chris Hicks, Deseret News, Salt Lake City


Awards :

  • Won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival 1993. The Palme d'Or was shared with Jane Campion's The Piano from New Zealand (1993).
  • Won the FIPRESCI Award for Best Film in Competition at the Cannes Film Festival 1993
  • Won the Best Film not in the English Language BAFTA (British Academy Award) 1993
  • Won the Mainichi Film Concours for Best Foreign Language Film at Mainichi Film Concours 1993
  • Won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film 1993
  • Won the Best Foreign Film of National Board of Review (USA) 1992
  • Won the Best Foreign Film of L.A. Film Critics Association 1993
  • Won the Best Foreign Language Film of Boston Society of Film Critics Awards 1993
  • Won the Best Actor Award for Foreign Movie of Japanese Critic Society (Leslie Cheung) 1994
  • Won the Special Award of Chinese Performance Art Association, mainland China, (Leslie Cheung) 1993
  • Won the New York Film Critics Circle Awards for Best Foreign Language Film 1993
  • Won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actress (Li Gong) 1993
  • Won the Special Award of Political Film Society, USA 1993
  • Won the Silver Frog Award (Changwei Gu)at International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography (Camerimage) 1993
  • Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (Oscar) 1993
  • Nominated for the César Award for Best Foreign Film 1994
  • Nominated for the Golden Frog Award (Changwei Gu) at International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography (Camerimage) 1993

Country : China / Hong Kong
Running Time : 171 min.
Language : Mandarin
Box Office : $5,216,888 (USA) and 470,920 Admissions (Argentina)

Links :

This is one of the most delightful, must see gay films.

Steven Carter (Ben Silverstone) is the school nerd. A cute nerd. He hangs around the public toilet at the park, in hope to find someone who may want what he wants - a boy to boy love. It's the only place he thinks is same enough for him to meet someone like him. The problem is he never goes into the toilet. One day, he decides to do exactly just that. He steps in, and starts to communicate with a stranger in the other stall, by notes through a small hole. As he steps out to wait for the stranger to show up, Steven is surprised to know that the stranger he is cruising in the toilet is John Dixon (Brad Gorton), the school jock.

John is in denial. After the dance night, John shows up at Steven's place and they begin a secret relationship because John dares not to face the truth of his own sexual orientation. So, Steven has to hide his new joy from all, even his best friend, the funny Linda (Charlotte Brittain). When Steven finds out that John still keeps a girl to pretend that he is straight, John forces himself to see Steven in public, to prove to Steven that he loves Steven.

The problem is that John's father is not so open-minded and problem starts.

Get Real is a wonderful gay themed film that deserves to be watched over and over again. Simon Shore directed this wonderful gay film, written by Patrick Wilde. The story, the music and the actors are charming. One can get really addicted to this gay movie. At the end of the movie, it is good to think of the line - It's only love. What are we afraid of?

I wish to see a part 2, where what Steven and John has is real. :D

Tomatometer: 77% (as of Aug 4, 2009)


  • Won 1999 Ourense Independent Film Festival Audience Award and Jury Prize (for Best European Film)
  • Won 1999 Emden International Film Festival Emden Film Award
  • Won 1998 Edinburgh International Film Festival Audience Award
  • Won 1998 Dinard British Film Festival Golden Hitchcock and Audience Award
  • Nominated for 1999 British Independent Film Awards
  • Nominated for 2000 Chlotrudis Award

Wes is a high school boy who does not believe his luck when the handsome boy in the school, Toren, plays attention on him. Being the boy who is not that popular, and often burying himself in books, Wes finds Toren's attention puzzling, and yet pleasing. And in one stolen kiss, Wes finds himself unable to keep Toren away. Wes helps Toren with his studies, and Toren keeps Wes company almost everyday after school. Their relationship develops. It hits good notes when Wes comes out to his family and is accepted, even though Wes is worried that his mother may not approve. His father is gay, and he had seen them arguing before divorcing one another. Wes's sister is more than happy to see Wes comes out and readily welcomes Toren into their life. Unfortunately, Toren faces a tougher time in coming out to his family, and moves out. Together, Toren and Wes builds a life together, when they move in to stay with one another. Wes continues to study after high school and Toren works. It is a story that tells endless love turns and love-makings.

I was really into Wes & Toren when I read the first few chapters. They were tempting. In fact, I began to wonder if they are the best gay couple in gay stories. I was eager to read up more on them, and was unwilling to put down the book. However, I began to see the monotonous plot as the story continued and I was beginning to lose interest. I did like the idea that gay couples stay happy and so heavily sexual of one another. Perhaps this is just not for me. I want a happy ending, no doubt. But I also prefer less lengthy process to reach the expected end.

However, I'd like to point out that I like the part where Scott, the straight brother of Toren, took Wes and danced together at the end. That was sweet, something that I did not come across in other books before. :D

Apparently people on the internet is finding it difficult to get over the two cute boys in the famous Taiwan gay tv series - Crystal Boys. Here, I found another version of the music video, accompanied again by Emil Chau's song. A truly romantic music video, which fits the love that all gay lovers long for. If you think the boy is cute, catch Formula 17, another movie released in Taiwan, where the boy is the lead actor.

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