I love Absolut. Not that I have ever drank that before. But I love the ad. This ad about the hidden message between a young man with his nosy mother. It's an inquisition of her son's love life, and her catching the message that the young man is gay. Love it.

Here's another gay song, with steamy subtext written in the lyrics. Read and try to understand - 'someone will demand for my head... And give it to them looking down..". Rufus Wainwright is a gay artist, followed many lovers of his music and musical talent.

He will then be reborn
From 1970's porn
Wearing tubesocks with style
And such an innocent smile

Better pray for your sins
Better pray for your sins
'Cause the gay messiah's coming

He will fall from the star
Studio 54
And appear on the sand
Of Fire Island's shore

Better pray for your sins
Better pray for your sins
'Cause the gay messiah's coming

No it will not be me
Rufus the Baptist I be
No I won't be the one
Baptized in cum

What will happen instead
Someone will demand my head
And then I will kneel down
And give it to them looking down

Better pray for your sins
Better pray for your sins
'Cause the gay messiah's coming

El Marica is a gay short film that deals with a gay kid and his closeted identity. His best friend wants to convince others that the gay kid is not what others assume he is. So, they visit the prostitute. The gay kid runs away. His best friend gets angry with him, and shout hurtful words. Years later, as an adult, the best friend write an apology letter to the gay friend.

I don't speak French, but nothing stopped me from watching this 7 minutes of a gay themed short film. This gay video is about Mathéo who has a crush on his straight classmate. That does not sound like a good news, and it is not. I prefer an alternative ending, but it is good to see the exact ending most of gays fear when they make advances of guys they like, not knowing if the guys are gay or not. This short film is directed by Valentin Mahé, with lead cast - Eddy Wonka and Benjamin Meaujean.

Another Chinese gay music video. Watch out for the fine abs. Yum.

Joe is a growing kid in high school. For someone so young, Joe expresses himself well in his homework - a journal of A to Z about himself. Naturally, he writes about all - himself, his best friends, his family and the guy he likes - Colin. And the good news is that Colin likes him back. So, as the journal progresses, we learn of the relationship between a closeted Colin and at-ease Joe, who paints his fingernail pink. This does not sound good for Colin, coz when people start calling them names, Colin shuns Joe and leaves him sad. But isn't that the whole package of love - it comes with heartaches?

This is a wonderful book about the growing up of a young kid, who accepts himself as gay, and how his world is viewed from his eyes. Of course he has the advantage. His family accepts him, and in fact, pushes him to come out. So, perhaps he is a little different from the rest of us who have to bear with the silent. We are Colins.

I totally dig this Totally Joe.

Salvador Dalí (Robert Pattinson) arrives at university in Madrid and befriended Federico García Lorca (Javier Beltran) and Luis Buñuel (Matthew McNulty). Salvador became close to García. However, their relationship did not have the chance to grow. Salvador found García's closeness to him more than he was prepared to handle and moved away. Salvador got involved with a married woman. When García visited, he found his friend a changed man, in his life and his politics.

Little Ashes is based on true story, directed by Paul Morrison.

Of course this film generates much interest since Robert Pattinson became the talkabout new pop male star. Everyone has to know Robert. That Edward, from that vampire Twilight film. And the good news is.. in this film, Edward.. I mean, Robert, kiss. Not once. Not twice. Often enough to make us happy for his progress to embrace such character, and to be so jealous of Javier, the guy who is doing whom most of us want to be doing.. I mean, kissing.

Robert wore funny hair in this film. He was not the hunk as like Edward. But still, we know it is Robert Pattinson and we want more of him. I believe that the last scene of Robert in water with Javier was done with nudity. Someone has got to confirm this. Sigh...

A must watch for all Robert Pattinson's fan.

If gay content means merely two males holding (or touching) each other's hand, then I have another music video to offer you. Found this gay mv in Youtube. Sorry that the audio and video qualities are poor, but at least the gay community has another added into its list.

I do not know much of the video, nor the group. Except that they are cute, and the video is from Taiwan group. So, perhaps it is okay to follow the weak plot.

Apparently, there is this talk-about Taiwan gay short film named Fragile In Love. No one knew exactly if it is just a music video, or a trailer to a actual long film. Someone said it is just a short film. Found them, but there are no subtitles. Bummer. Cute-guys alert! : )

Part 1

Part 2

Directed by Tracy D Smith.
Written by Aaron Chan.
Actors: Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman and Giles Panton.

I love Mika. I love the fun in the sun feeling in his song. Ever since Billy Brown, I have been looking forward to another gay song from this talented artist. And I found another song of his, in a limited release. It's called Boy Toy and it relates to a male toy singing for attention from his boy owner. Wonderful song.

I'm a wind-up toy in an up down world
If you leave me all alone, I?ll make a mess for sure
I've a heart of gold and the smartest styles smallest size
Leave me in the dark, you?ll never hear me cry

More than an illustration
Points of articulation
Come to life on a brass spring
Such a wonderful plaything

It's a cruel blue cross that I have to bear
Come a little close I'm going to pull your hair
More than just a toy in a patch-blue suit
Hold me in your arms I'm just a boy like you

But your mama thought there was somethin' wrong
Didn't want you sleeping with a boy too long
It's a serious thing in a grown-up world
Maybe you'd be better with a Barbie girl

You were that I adored-ya
But you left me in Georgia
Toys are not sentimental
How could I be for rental?

She's the meanest hag that has ever been
Pulled out my insides with an old safety pin
I'm the sorest sight, now I feel like trash
Clothes are made of rags and they don?t even match

So she dressed me up as the man she loved
Then threw me in a box when she had had enough
Now the light of day I no longer see
She stuck her voodoo pins where my eyes used to be

Accidentally tragic
Victim of her black magic
How?d a boy who'd so loved you
Now be so afraid of you?

Charlie is forced to be the man of the house, when his father turns to liquor after his mom passed away. He turns to pot, and makes his girlfriend upset. He owes $500 for the pot and he does not know how to pay back the dealer. He is only a teen, and life is stressing him down. And he does not even know the reason why his best friend, Sam, has not talked to him for a year.

Sam is gay. He fell for Charlie. So, he has to stay away from Charlie. Sam lives in denial. His father left his mom for another man. His mom found another man, Teddy, who makes homophobic remarks. Sam suppresses his feelings, and hopes much that his lack of liking for girls is just a phase in life. He shivers when he thinks people suspect he is gay. All is under control, until a new boy, Justin, shows up, and likes Sam.

Charlie avoids the dealer. Sam runs away from his mom. Their paths cross. Two best friends have to come to the fact that they still need one another.

Saints of Augustine is the first book I have read, written by PE Ryan. I have to say that I was impressed. I was hooked on the characters. I was disappointed that Charlie remains a straight for the book, but still I was sympathetic enough to want to know how his story ends. And equivalently interesting is Sam. It is interesting to follow his character as he ventures through the time of uncertainties and denial, unable to cope of what he imagines his life would be if people think he is gay.

I was eager to see their paths cross. I did wonder if Charlie would be testing the water of his sexuality, but apparently, the story needs not to cover that. It was sufficient enough that the kids have enough plots to fall back on, to get the readers to be happy with what were offered.

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