Charlie is forced to be the man of the house, when his father turns to liquor after his mom passed away. He turns to pot, and makes his girlfriend upset. He owes $500 for the pot and he does not know how to pay back the dealer. He is only a teen, and life is stressing him down. And he does not even know the reason why his best friend, Sam, has not talked to him for a year.

Sam is gay. He fell for Charlie. So, he has to stay away from Charlie. Sam lives in denial. His father left his mom for another man. His mom found another man, Teddy, who makes homophobic remarks. Sam suppresses his feelings, and hopes much that his lack of liking for girls is just a phase in life. He shivers when he thinks people suspect he is gay. All is under control, until a new boy, Justin, shows up, and likes Sam.

Charlie avoids the dealer. Sam runs away from his mom. Their paths cross. Two best friends have to come to the fact that they still need one another.

Saints of Augustine is the first book I have read, written by PE Ryan. I have to say that I was impressed. I was hooked on the characters. I was disappointed that Charlie remains a straight for the book, but still I was sympathetic enough to want to know how his story ends. And equivalently interesting is Sam. It is interesting to follow his character as he ventures through the time of uncertainties and denial, unable to cope of what he imagines his life would be if people think he is gay.

I was eager to see their paths cross. I did wonder if Charlie would be testing the water of his sexuality, but apparently, the story needs not to cover that. It was sufficient enough that the kids have enough plots to fall back on, to get the readers to be happy with what were offered.


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