Salvador Dalí (Robert Pattinson) arrives at university in Madrid and befriended Federico García Lorca (Javier Beltran) and Luis Buñuel (Matthew McNulty). Salvador became close to García. However, their relationship did not have the chance to grow. Salvador found García's closeness to him more than he was prepared to handle and moved away. Salvador got involved with a married woman. When García visited, he found his friend a changed man, in his life and his politics.

Little Ashes is based on true story, directed by Paul Morrison.

Of course this film generates much interest since Robert Pattinson became the talkabout new pop male star. Everyone has to know Robert. That Edward, from that vampire Twilight film. And the good news is.. in this film, Edward.. I mean, Robert, kiss. Not once. Not twice. Often enough to make us happy for his progress to embrace such character, and to be so jealous of Javier, the guy who is doing whom most of us want to be doing.. I mean, kissing.

Robert wore funny hair in this film. He was not the hunk as like Edward. But still, we know it is Robert Pattinson and we want more of him. I believe that the last scene of Robert in water with Javier was done with nudity. Someone has got to confirm this. Sigh...

A must watch for all Robert Pattinson's fan.


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