Joe is a growing kid in high school. For someone so young, Joe expresses himself well in his homework - a journal of A to Z about himself. Naturally, he writes about all - himself, his best friends, his family and the guy he likes - Colin. And the good news is that Colin likes him back. So, as the journal progresses, we learn of the relationship between a closeted Colin and at-ease Joe, who paints his fingernail pink. This does not sound good for Colin, coz when people start calling them names, Colin shuns Joe and leaves him sad. But isn't that the whole package of love - it comes with heartaches?

This is a wonderful book about the growing up of a young kid, who accepts himself as gay, and how his world is viewed from his eyes. Of course he has the advantage. His family accepts him, and in fact, pushes him to come out. So, perhaps he is a little different from the rest of us who have to bear with the silent. We are Colins.

I totally dig this Totally Joe.


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