Ssang-Hwa-Joem is a gay themed South Korea film production that tells the love story between a king, his bodyguard and the queen. The male love affair between the king and his bodyguard. The King (Ju Jin-mo) has an acceptable affair with the chief of his bodyguards, the Kunryongwe (something of a Musketeer level). The chief is Hong Lim (Jo In-sung). When the King is pressured to produce an heir, he asks a reluctant Hong Lim to impregnate the Queen (Song Ji-hyo). Trouble begins when Hong Lim and the Queen begin to develop feelings for one another. In order not to betray his feeling for the King, Hong Lim tries to stop seeing the Queen. He is caught by the King while having sex with the Queen. Hong Lim is castrated and imprisoned. When Hong Lim believes that the Queen has been beheaded, he sets out for revenge. Only after he has killed the King, Hong Lim discovers that the Queen is alive and well, but unfortunately, Hong Lim dies from injuries.

Why I like this film?

  • Jo In-sung is cute.
  • There is a male-male scene where the king and the bodyguard makes love in bed. The kissing scene... you can see tongues... no hold back. Hot. Damn.
  • A wonderfully made movie by the director Ha Yu.
  • First gay themed film made that involves traditional Eastern costumes and martial arts (unless you count in The Sowrdsman II)
Why I don't like this film?
  • One male-male scene, and more than five male-female scenes, where nudities are unshamefully exhibited.
  • Unbelievably first male-female sex scene. If Hong Lim is really gay, and that he loves only the King, although reluctant to bed the Queen, he does not seem to mind kissing the Queen on the lips. Like hello.. if one is to bed as duty calls, just do it and get it over with. Why the kisses, which lead to eventually the problems?
  • This film is like preaching the idea that gays can be converted, if only they have the chance to taste women. It may be possible that Hong Lim is a subconscious bisexual, and not a gay as he thinks so. But to put a movie out like this, it is like challenging the fact that gays are born, not made.
  • Too dramatic endings.

Ari Gold, gay artist, came up with this cool music video, where the male leads shared a kiss. Good drawings, almost Joe Phillips-style characters. Hmmmm....

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