Found this gay song in MySpace and also Youtube. :) Good find.

Well, in the spirit of enjoying a fun song about a girl who is head over the heel with a gay boy. Enjoy this cutie gay song.

I don't even know the name of the artist, but I appreciate her effort of coming up with such a fine title for a gay song. Heard that her song is available in iTune. So, support her if you can.

Harry (James Lance) and Alex (Luke de Woolfson) are a couple. Harry produces tv show, while Alex works as a waiter, wanting to be a performer. William (Rocky Marshall) juggles his life between his young daughter and a new boyfriend, Lawrence (Leon Ockenden) , who is a closeted tv star. Lars (Benjamin Hart) is a kept-hunky-boy, sponging off the wealth of Tom (David Morris). Enters Louise (Georgia Zaris) who is upset knowing that her perfect boyfriend, Paul (Jeremy Edwards), is gay. Lars come on to Harry, and this leads to a separation between Harry and Alex, who seems to be uneasy with his own progress in life. Tom separates from Lars. William has a difficult time to convince her daughter to accept his new boyfriend.

There are enough bad gay themed films produced lately, that I felt like screaming ENOUGH! And then came this right movie about Mr. Right. Written by David Morris and directed by David and Jacqui Morris, this gay film is a crowd-pleaser. I have always been a big fan of British films (especially gay themed ones - think of Beautiful Thing, Get Real etc.), because they are of better story plots and less of B-Grade stuff that America produces lately. Besides, the accent is sexy and the men in this film - Benjamin and Leon are HOT!! 

This gay film has already won the Audience Choice Award at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck.

Tuan is a masseur. One day he meets a rich young gay, who happens to be interested in him. Tuan resists him. Money is hard to come by for Tuan, until his male friend introduces him to earn money from night clubs and acquaintances. This leads Tuan back to the gay guy again. This affects poorly Tuan's relationship with the girl he likes.

It is difficult to dislike this movie, bearing in mind that this is the first gay themed film from Vietnam. Directed byLê Hoàng, it is sad to think that the first gay film from Vietnam has to be one that sets the gay movement achievement a few decades back. Maybe this film tries to show that the rich gay guy is lonely, and just like any other human, he needs companion too. But it is clear that Tuan has no feeling for him, and hence, the gay guy is depicted as nothing but a stalker, who imposes himself on a reluctant Tuan. I can't help to think that this would upset those homophobes in Vietnam and elsewhere in the world, if they should come across this film. In fact, the girl was made to look so innocently sweet, that gays looked like they were so wrong for interrupting a guy like Tuan's love life.


David has a crush on Sean and he is trying hard to deny his feeling. Especially not when his best friend, Eddie comes out. David tries to tell himself that he and Kick are an item, except that he has never gone far enough in the relationship with Kick which is leaving her frustrated.

David is a school runner, and so is Sean. There is a mixed of attraction and resistance from David and this makes him anxious. Sean's best friend, Parker, is a homophobe and this causes David to keep his distance away from Eddie.

And then, one day, a note appears in David's locker.

I find this book easy to read and delightfully pleasant. I find myself caring for the characters easily. Although there was this lust inside of me wishing for things to get well between David and his secret-affair guy, I was willing to accept the ending for the book. I was surprised how soon it took me to turn the pages, and unlike other novels, I finished reading the book within 2 evenings, which means that the book is relatively short. But still, I think it is a book worth having. I love this book. :)

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