Harry (James Lance) and Alex (Luke de Woolfson) are a couple. Harry produces tv show, while Alex works as a waiter, wanting to be a performer. William (Rocky Marshall) juggles his life between his young daughter and a new boyfriend, Lawrence (Leon Ockenden) , who is a closeted tv star. Lars (Benjamin Hart) is a kept-hunky-boy, sponging off the wealth of Tom (David Morris). Enters Louise (Georgia Zaris) who is upset knowing that her perfect boyfriend, Paul (Jeremy Edwards), is gay. Lars come on to Harry, and this leads to a separation between Harry and Alex, who seems to be uneasy with his own progress in life. Tom separates from Lars. William has a difficult time to convince her daughter to accept his new boyfriend.

There are enough bad gay themed films produced lately, that I felt like screaming ENOUGH! And then came this right movie about Mr. Right. Written by David Morris and directed by David and Jacqui Morris, this gay film is a crowd-pleaser. I have always been a big fan of British films (especially gay themed ones - think of Beautiful Thing, Get Real etc.), because they are of better story plots and less of B-Grade stuff that America produces lately. Besides, the accent is sexy and the men in this film - Benjamin and Leon are HOT!! 

This gay film has already won the Audience Choice Award at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck.

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  1. KenPaul66 said...
    This sounds good. Thanks for recommending it, just downloaded it.

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