Tuan is a masseur. One day he meets a rich young gay, who happens to be interested in him. Tuan resists him. Money is hard to come by for Tuan, until his male friend introduces him to earn money from night clubs and acquaintances. This leads Tuan back to the gay guy again. This affects poorly Tuan's relationship with the girl he likes.

It is difficult to dislike this movie, bearing in mind that this is the first gay themed film from Vietnam. Directed byLê Hoàng, it is sad to think that the first gay film from Vietnam has to be one that sets the gay movement achievement a few decades back. Maybe this film tries to show that the rich gay guy is lonely, and just like any other human, he needs companion too. But it is clear that Tuan has no feeling for him, and hence, the gay guy is depicted as nothing but a stalker, who imposes himself on a reluctant Tuan. I can't help to think that this would upset those homophobes in Vietnam and elsewhere in the world, if they should come across this film. In fact, the girl was made to look so innocently sweet, that gays looked like they were so wrong for interrupting a guy like Tuan's love life.


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  1. Suffern AC said...
    I watched this tonight. It is supposed to be a comedy and is probably as tolerant as the authorities would allow. After watching a whole bunch of filipino "macho dancer" "massage parlor" dramas, it was o.k. to see a "macho dancer" comedy. You are right, though. The gay customer is just a stalker and is rather creepy one at that. I think they tried to be sympathetic to him by making him lonely. It's not funny to get someone so drunk that they cannot stand and then sleep with them.

    I can't tell if the two artist friends of Truan were supposed to be a gay couple, but they seemed a little nicer.

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