David has a crush on Sean and he is trying hard to deny his feeling. Especially not when his best friend, Eddie comes out. David tries to tell himself that he and Kick are an item, except that he has never gone far enough in the relationship with Kick which is leaving her frustrated.

David is a school runner, and so is Sean. There is a mixed of attraction and resistance from David and this makes him anxious. Sean's best friend, Parker, is a homophobe and this causes David to keep his distance away from Eddie.

And then, one day, a note appears in David's locker.

I find this book easy to read and delightfully pleasant. I find myself caring for the characters easily. Although there was this lust inside of me wishing for things to get well between David and his secret-affair guy, I was willing to accept the ending for the book. I was surprised how soon it took me to turn the pages, and unlike other novels, I finished reading the book within 2 evenings, which means that the book is relatively short. But still, I think it is a book worth having. I love this book. :)


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