John Simpson's Patrick St James is back for another adventure. Still in the closet, Patrick works well with his work partner Hank to beat down crimes. At the same time too, Patrick's relationship with Dean is blossoming. Hank finds himself a cute young thing, Shawn, to indulge in. However, a new murder emerges in the town where a young gay is killed. It is left to Patrick and Hank to go undercover again to nail the killer.

I was not sure if I was happy to see Patrick back again. I did love Murder Most Gay until Patrick settled down with Dean. I did not know why I did not like Dean better, but maybe I was expecting more action between Patrick and Hank, before Dean stepped into the picture. As usual, John Simpson wrote the story well, including a detail description of the proper procedure of carrying out any tasks. It was a well-thought work.

However, I have to admire the erotic moments brought up when Patrick, Dean, Hank and Shawn came together in a tent. I was disappointed that the story did not develop further. It was as if there was a certain level of fidelity that should not be crossed, which really killed the story when preaching came in. But it was still a good book, and I was happy to read more on Hank's pervert-ness.

I only hope that one day this is made into a gay film, where I can see perhaps Zac Efron starring in it. Fine, he may be too short, but Zac Efron is the finest there is. And perhaps throw in Mitch Hewer. Or at least put Hunter Parrish. Sigh.. That gay film would be a smash. LOL.


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