Wes is a high school boy who does not believe his luck when the handsome boy in the school, Toren, plays attention on him. Being the boy who is not that popular, and often burying himself in books, Wes finds Toren's attention puzzling, and yet pleasing. And in one stolen kiss, Wes finds himself unable to keep Toren away. Wes helps Toren with his studies, and Toren keeps Wes company almost everyday after school. Their relationship develops. It hits good notes when Wes comes out to his family and is accepted, even though Wes is worried that his mother may not approve. His father is gay, and he had seen them arguing before divorcing one another. Wes's sister is more than happy to see Wes comes out and readily welcomes Toren into their life. Unfortunately, Toren faces a tougher time in coming out to his family, and moves out. Together, Toren and Wes builds a life together, when they move in to stay with one another. Wes continues to study after high school and Toren works. It is a story that tells endless love turns and love-makings.

I was really into Wes & Toren when I read the first few chapters. They were tempting. In fact, I began to wonder if they are the best gay couple in gay stories. I was eager to read up more on them, and was unwilling to put down the book. However, I began to see the monotonous plot as the story continued and I was beginning to lose interest. I did like the idea that gay couples stay happy and so heavily sexual of one another. Perhaps this is just not for me. I want a happy ending, no doubt. But I also prefer less lengthy process to reach the expected end.

However, I'd like to point out that I like the part where Scott, the straight brother of Toren, took Wes and danced together at the end. That was sweet, something that I did not come across in other books before. :D

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I really loved this book. It was a bit long, I agree, but it was a beautiful story. Unfortunately, you totally mixed up Wes and Toren. Everything you said about Wes was Toren, and vice versa.

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