This is one of the most delightful, must see gay films.

Steven Carter (Ben Silverstone) is the school nerd. A cute nerd. He hangs around the public toilet at the park, in hope to find someone who may want what he wants - a boy to boy love. It's the only place he thinks is same enough for him to meet someone like him. The problem is he never goes into the toilet. One day, he decides to do exactly just that. He steps in, and starts to communicate with a stranger in the other stall, by notes through a small hole. As he steps out to wait for the stranger to show up, Steven is surprised to know that the stranger he is cruising in the toilet is John Dixon (Brad Gorton), the school jock.

John is in denial. After the dance night, John shows up at Steven's place and they begin a secret relationship because John dares not to face the truth of his own sexual orientation. So, Steven has to hide his new joy from all, even his best friend, the funny Linda (Charlotte Brittain). When Steven finds out that John still keeps a girl to pretend that he is straight, John forces himself to see Steven in public, to prove to Steven that he loves Steven.

The problem is that John's father is not so open-minded and problem starts.

Get Real is a wonderful gay themed film that deserves to be watched over and over again. Simon Shore directed this wonderful gay film, written by Patrick Wilde. The story, the music and the actors are charming. One can get really addicted to this gay movie. At the end of the movie, it is good to think of the line - It's only love. What are we afraid of?

I wish to see a part 2, where what Steven and John has is real. :D

Tomatometer: 77% (as of Aug 4, 2009)


  • Won 1999 Ourense Independent Film Festival Audience Award and Jury Prize (for Best European Film)
  • Won 1999 Emden International Film Festival Emden Film Award
  • Won 1998 Edinburgh International Film Festival Audience Award
  • Won 1998 Dinard British Film Festival Golden Hitchcock and Audience Award
  • Nominated for 1999 British Independent Film Awards
  • Nominated for 2000 Chlotrudis Award


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