Milk (2008), directed by Gus Van Sant, is a movie based on the true story of Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk was the first openly gay supervisor of San Fransisco. The movie talks about Harvey (Sean Penn) and the gay community's struggle to be heard, to have their rights defended and to live as equal citizens of the area. After a few run, eventually Harvey Milk won the election, and made history. 11 months after his victory, Harvey Milk was shot to death in the office.

After watching, I just have to say that the movie was beautifully made, and Sean Penn deserved to win all those awards that he had won for his portrayal as Harvey Milk. He was so convincing. The movie touched me, to know the difficulty the gay community had to go through, and to have one victory ended so tragically.

Let's hope Sean Penn wins Oscar this round too.

Boston Society of Film Critics Awards 2008
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn), tied with Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler (2008).
- Won Best Director (Gus Van Sant)
- Won Best Screenplay (Dustin Lance Black)

Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards 2009
- Won Best Acting Ensemble
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn)

Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards 2008
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn)

National Board of Review, USA 2008
- Won best Supporting Actor (Josh Brolin)

New York Film Critics Circle Awards 2008
- Won Best Picture
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn)
- Won Best Supporting Actor (Josh Brolin)

PGA Awards 2009
- Won Best Producer (Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen)

Palm Springs International Film Festival 2009
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn)

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2009
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn)

Southeastern Film Critics Association Awards 2008
- Won Best Picture
- Won Best Actor (Sean Penn)
- Best Original Screenplay (Dustin Lance Black)


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