Otto; Or Up With Dead People is a film linked to Bruce La Bruce. It is played out as a docu-drama film about Otto (Jey Crisfar), a gay zombie, who finds himself an outcast, as he is rejected by the society, and also being a non-conformist. Otto is a vegetarian. So, the idea of biting another human does not agree with him. And even as a zombie, Otto is still a victim of gay-bashing. So, even though Adolf (Guido Sommer) wants to build a relationship with Otto, Otto is unable to happy being who he is.

Bruce La Bruce is a film writer and director that has already commanded a cult followers, who are curious (like me) or indulged in his B-graded films, which are usually centralized on the voices of sexual freedom, political ideas and anti-prejudice. When it comes to a movie by Bruce La Bruce, expect sexual explicit contents, and basically, that is what I want when I settle for his film. So, after The Raspberry Reich (2004), Skin Gang (1999) and Hustler White (1996), Otto; Or Up With Dead People seems a little tamed, which disappointed me. As usual, there were the narrations of hate crimes and sexual deviation.

For me, the best part of the film came within the last 20 minutes of the film. No regret in watching the film, but really.. I was expecting more. :p

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