Lifetime released Prayers for Bobby on Jan 24, 2009. Prayers for Bobby (directed by Russell Mulcahy) deals with the true story of a devout Christian, Mary Griffith (Sigourney Weaver) who could not accept her son's sexual orientation. Eager to change Bobby (Ryan Kelley), Mary had sent Bobby for therapy, setting Bobby with a girl as well as sending Bobby to church group. Eventually, Bobby took his own life.

Saddened by the whole incident, and taken by grief, Mary searched for an answer. And she found her peace. Mary became involved with gay movements and fought for gay rights.

I held back tears so often when the movie was approaching its end. There was so much bitterness in denying that gays have rights, and when the movie began to offer the true picture of people's interpretation of the bible, the truth was so great, I was overwhelmed.


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