If only you could see my face expression as I lied (I was lying down) through the whole 1hr 45min of this gay film sequel. I was bitter. I was disappointed.

Manay Po 2 tries to pick up where the Manay Po! ends, with Oscar (Polo Ravales) and Adrian (Sid Lucero) living together with the family, in a new house. The new gay plot in this sequel is that the two of them want to have a baby. Instead of searching for a surrogate mother, they advertise for a baby maker. Is that funny???? Enters Bette (Rufa Mae Quinto). And that means, enter mostly all that I cannot accept of the movie. Bette is all wrong for the movie. She is the slapstick joke, badly done. Bette is desperate for money, and in the beginning of the movie, tries to rob Luz of her jewelery.

If I were to have a baby, and needs a surrogate mother, I need a fit one. Not one who is hysterical, climbs into bed when my lover and I are cosy together, and does not jump and slap everyone or yell when she is surprised. That should have been the hint to jump the lunatic and save the family. Or show. But unfortunately, the director decides to focus on the non-gay essence of the show, and it is depressing to see her in every minutes of the movie, doing her second class unfunny jokes.

The only consolation I can take from Bette is when she advises Orwell that Orwell does not have to be a drag queen to be a gay.

Orson, who unfortunately flashes us with his tummy, due to bad directing, is back to his same old role, the drag queen who is boyfriendless. Still pining for Marky, who is marrying Gina, Orson finds a new guy, who suffers amnesia, and lies to handsome Reiner (Alex Castro) that they are lovers. So, we are dragged into another round of handsome John Prats without a serious gay love scene.

Orwell explores his sexual orientation more seriously in this film. However, there is no love interest for the young boy, except for an obsession for a studly homophobic young coach, who exposes himself in speedo, instead of a more cover-up dressing.

I am bitterly disappointed with the choice of Adrian this time. Instead of the manly Adrian (Luis Alandy), we are forced to accept that Adrian (Sid) has become a sissy, who is even thinking of a sex change. I could not even offer a smirk to the stupid joke. It is humiliating, especially looking at how clinging he is to Orson, which demonstrate zero chemistry. And I thought I am the one with bad hair. Did the film production run out of budget to hire a hair specialist for Adrian?

A small consolation was that Christian Vasquez and Mike Tan still look good. Everything else is negligible.

Some movies are good. They should be left to rest-in-peace. To make a sequel and make a horrible job at making a follow-up is doing no justice to the memory of the original. Let's just hope that Another Gay Sequel, the sequel to Another Gay Movie is not going to be as bad as Manay Po!'s sequel.

Let the bads be bygones.


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