Paul, or by his real name Pablo, dates Angie. They go to the same high school. They go to the same church. They have been an item for the past three years. Everything seems to be okay, until a new boy, Manuel, moves into town. Manuel is comfortable with his sexual orientation - an open gay boy. Angie, who has always been the friendly kind, invites Manuel to join her group of friends. This becomes a challenge for Paul, who has always been questioning his sexuality in secret.

This is the 4th book by Alex Sanchez that I have bought. I have been a fan of Sanchez's work since Rainbow Boys. Although I did not buy all his books (read - budget!!!!), I have been curious of his other work. So, with a title like this, and a topic that is consistently being debated, I knew I had to get this book once the paperback copy was available.

I like Sanchez's work because it dwells not on heavy English. It is more of a light-reading, and I don't get lost, trying to figure out who did what and when and to whom. I was able to follow the flow.

I personally find myself drawn to the characters. Sanchez managed to make me care for them, just like those characters in his Rainbow Boys. Paul, being the all American boy, is put to a tough spot, to question his faith in his religion and God, when his plea for help goes unanswered. But it seems like God does send help, and his angel is Manuel.

Of course the journey is not smooth for Paul. His mother died a few years ago, and he is still worried about his father turning back to alcohol. The town is homophobic, minus a few like Angie, Dakota and a few more. And the lips he long to kiss is not Angie's, but Manuel's. With names-calling and gay-bashing lurking, it is up to Paul to continue hiding, or to stand up and start facing the truth wit love and acceptance, just like what his religion has always teaching him.


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