Timothy (Tanner Cohen) is gay. And just like any gay boy in high school, he becomes a target of bully by his classmates. It does not help the fact that the guy he has a crush on, Jonathon (Nathaniel David Becker) befriends these jerks, although Jonathon does not join in the crowd to belittle him. When the drama school teacher picks a reluctant Timothy to lead a remake of A Midsummer Night's Dream, strange things start to happen. For example, Jonathon's willingness to dump his cheerleader girlfriend for Timothy. Slowly, almost all the town population is turning gay.

Were The World Mine is a gay themed film developed from the gay short film Fairies (2003). Tom Gustafson directed both. It is a musical film that is done with a touch of humor and romance, where only a gay boy's fantasy (of a straight jock returning love and affection) turns into reality. Where boy-boy and girl-girl kisses are accepted, so unlike the homophobic atmosphere the day before. All because of a love potion.

It is good to find a movie where the two male leads have the ability to charm the audience and leaving them hoping for more. I enjoy looking at the male actors in the film, so happy singing and dancing away in the film. You know, the good kind of feeling one gets watching a happy Broadway show. And it helps that these young men are yummy and shirtless often enough to feed the eyes. Oh yeah, I love the kissing scenes between the many young men in the film. The chemistry between the two male leads was good, although I was wishing for more movie time between these two, without the interference of Max (Ricky Goldman) who happens to fall for Timothy too.

This is one good film where gays do not have to have tragical ending. The ending is indeed a gay (happy) ending, that make me smirk happy.

Were The World Mine won the Audience Awards
  • in Florida Film Festival (2008, Best Narrative Feature)
  • in Rhode Island International Film Festival (2008, Best Feature)
  • in Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (2008, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Men's Favorite Feature)
  • in Torino International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (2008, Feature Film)
  • in Toronto Inside Out Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival (2008, Best Feature Film or Video)
The gay themed film also won
  • Q Award in Fort Worth Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival (2008, Best Overall Film)
  • Best of the Festival Award in Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival 2008
  • Grand Jury Award in L.A. Outfest (2008, Outstanding U.S. Dramatic Feature)
  • in Nashville Film Festival (2008, Best LGBT Film and Best Music in a Feature Film)
  • Scion Award for First Time Director in Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (2008)
  • Jury Award in Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (2008, Best New Director and Best New Director)
  • Best Editing in Woodstock Film Festival 2008)


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