It's here. It's queer. Coming out December 2000.

.. pleasingly candy-colored and frenetic.. - James Poniewozik, Times


Creators : Russell T. Davies and developed for American television by Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman
Casts :
Gale Harold as Brian Kinney
Randy Harrison as Justin Taylor
Hal Sparks as Michael Novotny
Sharon Gless as Debbie Novotny
Peter Paige as Emmett Honeycut
Scott Lowell as Ted Schmidt
Thea Gill as Melanie Marcus
Michelle Clunie as Lindsay Peterson


Queer As Folk (USA) is a tv series portraying the lives of 4 gay men, Brian, Michael, Emmet and Ted in Pittsburgh. The story picks up from the evening Brian meets Justin. It is the same night Brian becomes a father to new-born Gus, parented by lesbians Melanie and Lindsey. The tv series lingers around the ups and downs in the love lives of these gays and lesbians, and their passionate roams for sex. The tv series shows the dilemmas they go through, for acceptance in the society, the homophobic pressures they face, the rejection by family members as well as in the work place.

Brian is the bad boy of the group. He never sleeps with the same person twice. Every night, there is a new game boy for him. Always portrayed as a top, hardly bottom (except once). A marketing executive who cares for no one but himself, just like in his love life. He cares only when he gets what he wants, and he wants sex, power and money. His only soft spots are for Michael, his best friend, and Lindsey, his 'girl' since college. But even so, they have to put up with his attitude of 'no excuses, no apologies, no regrets'. Brian believes that love is only a fairy tale for the weaks... until Justin comes along.

Justin Taylor is the blonde boy of the show. Being the youngest, his character becomes the poster boy for teen-coming-out story. Unsure of what the gay world is like, Justin steps into Liberty Avenue, and an unusual challenge is imposed onto him in the coming-out world when he meets his God - Brian. Obsessed with Brian, Justin does nothing but to long for Brian's attention. Perhaps where others fail, Justin succeeds.

Michael Novotny is Brian's best friend. And the only gay guy in Pittsburgh who has never slept with Brian (which is not true, as Emmett has never either, nor Ted, although there is an almost incident). All know of Michael's crush on Brian, including Brian himself, who uses the opportunities to hinder Michael to move on. What Michael fails to get from Brian, he finds them in Dr. David and later on, in Ben, a HIV +ve partner.

Emmett Honeycut is the tv series Queen. And probably the only character who has worked the most jobs. From a shop assistant, Emmett moves to other profession, which include being a web tv porn star, an event planner and a tv presenter. Emmett is the only gay character in this tv show that deals with the issue of trying to convert to become straight. Emmett finds love and support through his best friend, Ted, and eventually in the hunk football player, Drew.

Ted is the most pitiful character portrayed on the show. As the gay guy who claims no one would sleep with him, Ted has gone from average to worse, before bouncing back. Ted works as the Accountant, who is sacked for watching porn at work. He becomes the owner of the web tv show, which starred Emmett. And when it is closed down, Ted becomes a drug addict, affecting his relationship with Emmett. Eventually Ted works for Brian, and become more stable. His lovelife improves too, especially when he meets back the one who matters - Blake, a young guy whom he had helped earlier on when Blake was on drugs.


Awards :

  • Won 2001 Third Prize for Effects Titles Ident's PSA's
  • Won 2003 DGC Craft Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Short Form
  • Won 2003 DGC Team Award for Outstanding Achievement in a Television Series - Drama
  • Won 2005 Prism Award for TV Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline, tied with Lost
  • Nominated for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Drama Series

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  1. Anonymous said...
    This is a very well done synopsis of the show, it's characters, and production.

    There is only one glaring mistake in naming the actors and their roles.

    Thea Gill played the part of Lindsay Peterson, and
    Michelle Clunie played the part of Melanie Marcus.

    Not the other way around.
    Jon said...

    However, I am guilty here... I got the synopsis from another site... I am in the work of changing them to my poorer description of the series.

    And thanks for the notice on my mistake.

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