Judging from the cover, it looked like another film that I would love to watch - one, it's about young gay love. Two, it's another offering from the East.

Krit is gay. He wants his best friend, Win, who is straight. Krit is frustrated and his jealousy is shown clearly, as he wants girls to stay away from his best friend. Krit devices any plan to keep Win to himself, including a hike to see a famous, secluded waterfall. The first attempt fails because Win brings along two girls who do not want to hike too far into the forest. The second time fails too, because it is too late in the night.

I have lost count of the number of gay films from Thailand and Philippines, but it does look like these two countries are not shy from producing more gay themed films. Thailand has several great films under its belt - The Love of Siam, Iron Ladies, Bangkok Love, Right By Me etc. So, there was a high expectation from me on this young gay film, and boy, was I disappointed. This film banks on one theme - let's hate the gays. Krit is shown as the selfish gay who refuses to give up the belief that a straight guy wants nothing more than just a friendship. His persistent attempt to tempt Win makes gays look like they are devils, who are already assumed (wrongly) of trying to convert straights into gays. I have to admire the actor who is acting as Krit, because his eyes really showed his displeasure of having girls around the straight Win.

From the beginning, gays, through Krit, are painted as the bad guys. And even after Krit managed to seduce Win for one night stand, Krit went bonkers. Krit went to a carcass of a dead animal and slept beside it, knowing that the beast that killed the animal could return anytime. Despite Win's persuasion, Krit just lied there in the dark.

Damn stupid film.


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