Taylor Adam is sent to Straight to God school when his parents find out that he like boys. Well, not just all boys - just his boyfriend - Will. There, Taylor is expected to live as a good Christian and repents his ungodly love for another man. Taylor meets other young guys and girls who are there for several reasons, other than being gay. Taylor thinks that it is going to be unbearable 6 weeks to stay away from his loving boyfriend, but as the days progress, Taylor begin to learn about the problems guys and girls his age face, and the problem posed by the expectation of society.

A few months ago, I read God Box by Alex Sanchez. I thought that was a good book because Alex managed to bring together arguments one can find from the net on the acceptance or lack of acceptance of homosexuality by Christianity and a fictional story. I liked the novel because it was light and easy to follow and did clear a few questions of mine.

Thinking Straight is a good book too. In fact, I am finding myself engrossed to the book because this time, it talks about young guys and girls who are trapped in such institution who believes that it is doing these young people a favor by trying to change them into who they are not. Such institution imposes rules and regulations because the people who are running such institutions are unable to accept the existence of such love.

The book does shed some light on the possibility of how the young people can be mismanaged. And how things can go wrong. Pitifully wrong.

However, I have to say that I did prefer the ending to be purely based on the debate and argument on the perceptions of Christianity as well as those who assume that they are qualified enough to interpret the bible. However, I can still accept that the turnout at the end was one of the few possible ways to end a good gay book like this.


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