You know.. this kind of book should come with a warning.. a book with 60 to 80 percent straight content, with a young gay character floating in between the paragraphs, and nothing more.

I like Tom Dolby's first work - The Trouble Boy. It was stupid of me to think that his second work would be involving a significant gay character's progress of coming out and coming of age. The Sixth Form is nowhere my expectation.

I am sorry. I paid for this book. So, I deserve to bitch about it if I am not happy. It is not like the book is cheap in my country. This book is equivalent to 10 meals for me. Sigh...

To be fair, The Sixth Form is a well-written book. It is about Ethan, a straight young guy (why only after reading the book that I know this??), who goes to Berkeley and befriends a closeted gay, Todd. In the school too, Ethan becomes too friendly with a pretty 36 year old school teacher, Hannah, who seduces him and takes away his virginity.

What frustrates me is that when I bought and started reading, I was expecting a gay novel. I thought I was paying for one. I mean, Tom Dolby wrote one - The Trouble Boy. Why shouldn't I expect him to stay on the course? Pages later, I realized that I am reading about the screwed-up straight world, which I could have read in any other novels.

It's like Bart Yates - after two novels, he decided to write one - The Distance Between Us, which focuses more on straight characters.. Sigh..

I swear I won't be buying the next Tom Dolby's book, unless I am pretty sure it is a pure 100% gay content.

Damn. What a waste of money for my gay book collection.


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