Jack Francisco is a wanted man. Jack has witnessed three brothers killed a woman. D, a professional killer, is sent to kill Jack. Instead of doing his job, D ends protecting Jack and helps Jack to escape from hitmen who are sent to hunt them down, as well as keeping Jack away from FBI as it has already failed to protect Jack.

What D fails to calculate in his mission is his eventual feeling for Jack, and Jack's feeling for him in return.

Jane Seville has a winner here. This is one of the best gay novels in the market. I was captivated by the story and wanted to know more, while yearning for the safety of the main characters, no matter if it was for the forced-to-be-independent Jack or the cold D.

However, I have to say that there were a few areas which did not click with me. I did not fall for the plot where D become all mushy on the phone with Megan when Jack was teasing him. D did not seem to be such a person to let his professionalism or his cover-up down so much.

And Jack whined a little too much on 'communicating'.

And when the thrill of being chased by the bad guys at the end had ended, the story should have wrapped up as soon as possible. I did not understand why the story still had to drag on. It was like I was already prepared to leave the cinema, satisfied, and then suddenly there were more on the screen, instead of the rolling credits.

Jane Seville produced a believable work. Something I felt like she had thought well of the possible consequences, and to a certain extent, made me believe she had dealt with such crimes and FBI issues that she could produce such believable thriller plots.

I love this book.


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