I remember an old posting of mine which featured a comic strip that involved a gay character. Unfortunately, I did not see much of the gay character since...

This is from my old posting.


This is the first time I am seeing a teenage gay in a famous comic strip.. but I do wonder how much provocation this is gonna cost, since that gay is labelled as lame.. well, I know that the comic strip did not spell it that way, but knowing the world, their loopholes for them to explore.

Basically, if people wanna complain, people will complain. It is a matter of a black can call another black, but when others call them black, it is a sensitive issue. Don't think that gays are unlike. We are talking about emotionally-expressive people here..

Me thinks Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman are cooking up gay storm here... hahaha..

Personally, I hope to see more Billy.


I wrote to zits - Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman

"Hey guys,
I am Jonathan from ********, where I read your comic Zits in the local newspaper. I have been following Zits for a while, and what was shown today got me to write my first mail to any comic strip writers.
I must applaud you guys for coming with the character Billy. I do not know how the reaction would be like (in) America, since that the word lame and gay are used together. I am not really bothered about this, but more like amazed that there is a famous running comic strip with a gay teen, or a gay character.
It's about time.
I do hope to see more of Billy in future.
Thank you for making the day different. It was an interesting morning.

And this was what I get from Jim Borgman -
"Jonathan, thanks for your email and your words of support. We are
hearing from people who liked and disliked the strip, but we thought
it was important. Here in the states, teenagers are using the word
gay disrespectfully even though they may have gay friends. It's an
interesting development we felt we should comment on.

All the best,
Jim Borgman"

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  1. Anonymous said...
    There's another comic strip with a gay character too; its called For Better or For Worse and the character is caleld Lawrence.

    I believe you will enjoy it.

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