Whenever a promo photo of an unheard film looked this good, I didn't really want to count on the film too much. I didn't want to get my hope up to high.

Spencer Schilly wrote and directed this gay film about a houseboy who is in a 3-way relationship with a couple who are into open relationship. As they leaves him to take care of the house, Ricky (Nick May) contemplates on taking his own life on Christmas. He wants his dead body to be the present to the couple upon their returns.

All because they are leaving him.
So, with a plot like this, the movie is boring, right? Fortunately, I was attracted by the amount of the nudity, and I say, male nudity. Unfortunately, none of the cuter guys was a male lead, and I had to bear with the eagerness for a glimpse of nudity among the cuter men, and to find that I am ok with the story overall.

The first guy Ricky picked up was an ugly guy with an uglier hair who claimed that he liked girls, but guys gave good heads. So, he followed Ricky home. The second guy was a guy from the net, and thank heaven he was cute, and flashed his ass to the camera. Unfortunately, I could get any glimpse of his jewel. Eventually there was this guy who was cheating on his boyfriend, and he was cute.

Sadly, the only clear semi-hard organ to be seen in this film is of an older man. So much for a fun-killer.

Ricky met Blake at the garden, the only guy who would sleep with him on the first 'date'. And Blake was the one who managed to delay Ricky's attempt to take his life.

I am alright with this gay themed film. It's worth spending my Saturday morning for. : )

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I hope their not using this "boy" in a pedi kinda of way?

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