Imagine a world where boy-love prevails. This means that a world where boys have crushes over boys, and boys fighting to win over other boys' love. Then, welcome to the world of Takumi Kun Series, a Japanese gay themed film based on the famous yaoi series.

In this delightful film, with many cute young Japanese actors, Takumi (Tomo Yanagishita) finds himself the center of school attention when the school popular guy, Gii (Keisuke Kato), has the eyes for him. However, Takumi has 'human phobia'. He does not respond to touches so comfortably. As the friendship and relationship progress, Takumi learns more of Gii's dedication to protect him, and Gii, in return, learns of Takumi's fear.

Keisuke Kato is definitely an eye-candy for the show. My only complain was that the male actors of the show did not dare to embrace fully the plot that required them to kiss. It was disappointing to find that they turned their heads away, and we are left to believe that they indeed kissed. And I prefer other actor to Tomo to be the lead.

Other than this, the gay themed movie fit the idea of a light, loving drama. Beautiful, like a yaoi series, indeed. :)


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