Dog Tags is a gay film about a straight man, Nate (Paul Preiss), who joins the marines, and upon return, wants to impress his father, whom he has never met. But when he returns, he finds his girlfriend in bed with another man. While he finds life testy, he finds comfort in the companion of a gay young man, Andy (Bart Fletcher), who he almost ends up filming naked scenes with.

This movie caught my attention once the sex party started at the beginning of the movie, and then, basically, I was curious to see how far Nate and Andy would go. And I was not disappointed. I was hooked on their story.

However, that said, I was disappointed with the lead actors' naked time with one another.. which was like zero. We were treated to two scenes of hetero banging, and one gay (Andy's friend), but zero intimate time between Andy and Nate, other than kissing and cuddling.


Still, I like this film.


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