Dream Boy is a film, written and directed by James Bolton, based on the novel of the same title by Jim Grimsley.

Nathan (Stephan Bender) and his family moved into a new quiet town, with a haunting secret past. With a new life, it was hoped that Nathan could escape his dark past. There, he was infatuated by his next door friend, Roy (Maximillian Roeg), who drives the local school bus, although Roy is a senior student in the school too. The story lingers around Nathan and Roy and their secret affair. Life for Nathan becomes difficult when his past catches up with him. It becomes worse when Roy's friends find out about their secret.

I have been always intrigued by teenage gay themed film. I have read the book, and I was horrified by the turn of the event at the end of the book, but no matter what, the film managed to get me excited about the love these two teenagers discover. I enjoy the way the story is told of the sneaking around, and of how their eyes tell of their crushes for one another. Stephan Bender is an asset to the film, coz his face portrays the innocence of Nathan's character. It helps as well that the four boys in the lonely town are adorably cute.

I was again shocked by the ugly turnout at the end of the film, and prayed that it ended the same way the book had described. I was happy that it did, although the suspense of suspecting the end credits may drop in anytime, without the way the ending should be, was there.

All in all, I place this film high up there, together with Beautiful Thing, Get Real, Trick and Edge of Seventeen.


  1. savante said...
    Go look for a book called My Side of the Story by Will Davis ( hope I got the author's name right! )
    Jon said...
    Got the book, and read it. And as said in my earlier blog on the book, hated it. Spoilt gay brat.

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