Steven is a teen boy. Just like any other teen boy. He is excited about taking up his car license. He has a best friend. Fine. His best friend is a girl, named Rachel. But who says you cannot have a girl best friend. He is not that athletic, but who needs to, when Steven can square-dance well. With his mom. Secretly.

And so what if Steven admires his teacher.. namely, Mr Bowman, for his fine physique. That should not be anything unnatural about it. Except that it is making Steven edgy and uncomfortable. With an aid of a stolen old library book, Steven is determined to make himself straight, even if it means joining a group of hockey guys who swear and curse a lot. Or dating many girls. Or feeling icky when a girl wants to go into a higher base with him...

Despite many attempts, Steven is still unable to get over his attraction to young Mr. Bowman. One screw-up after another, Steven ends up with disastrous and humorous events..

This book is good. There were a few times when I laughed out loud. I mean, really loud. The book is simple to follow and an easy read. Steven is a lovable character, and is not the only one. There is this natural desire to know and eager-to-find-out what is going to happen next. So, I find it difficult to let go of this wonderful book.

However, I thought that jokes were jokes, and funny writings should not be without limit. When it comes to an end, there should be a proper ending, instead of still trying to make a mockery of the character. Sure, Steven was written well as a funny, gay teen version of Bridget Jones, or a straight version of bad-luck Adrian Mole... Should the book ended simply that way.. I thought the writer should cut Steven some slack and give him a good, fairy-tale ending.


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