After reading a wonderful Adrien English series by Josh Lanyon, I was desperate for another good book to read. I read Every Frat Boy Wants It by Todd Gregory and The Island of Temptation by Claire Thompson. I was disappointed by the former and was kept half-interested in the latter.

In desperation, I remember reviews and recommendation on A Matter of Time series by Mary Calmes. There are 4 in the series. I am not so sure if I would want to read a part 2, because sometimes, the best part would be in the first novel. Any continuation would be a bit stale.

However, I have just to say that Mary Calmes is beginning to be one of my favorite author. I just can't get enough of her story. I cannot put down her A Matter of Time Volume 1 book long enough. A Matter of Time is about Jory, an irresistable 22 year old gay guy who happened to witness a murder. Being the important witness in the case, and refusing to go under Witness Protection Program, Jory is making Detective Kage's life a misery as the detective cannot afford to lose his key witness.

I have always liked a story of gay man-straight man relationship and I have been disappointed with other works before where the straight man gave in too easily to the advances or situation. I just hope that Mary Calmes's work would not disappoint me. There is too much temptation and oomph in a relationship that yo-yo between 'should-I' or 'shouldn't I'.

I am already in Chapter 6, although I had only started this evening. This is an achievement because normally, I would not read that much in one sitting, unless we are talking about Harry Potter or Shopaholic.

I gotta get back to A Matter of Time now.

Update: What's with Mary Calmes and the word feed? Doesn't anyone uses the sentence 'I can get a treat from you,' or 'How about eating together?' When it was done more than 10 times, 'I'm going to feed you,' it is getting on the nerve.

Update: What's with the 'hold the back of the neck' thing??


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