After Mark (Chuck Blaum) had passed away, Jeff (Adam Neal Smith) had to confront the reality that Mark was trying to cheat on him. But Jeff did not realise that Mark would consider a guy as far as Italy. Jeff invited Andrea (Alessandro Calza) to come over. An invitation that was meant to be scooping for information became an experience of bonding between two - a guy who lost his cheating lover and an Italian guy who never met the latter.

Ciao is the second film of Malaysian-born Yen Tan that I had watched. Both are equally impressive. Yen Tan directed and co-wrote (with Alessandro Calza) this gay themed film. There was a chemistry successful between the two lead male actors, built up by the director. It was pleasant, and although the flow was not as smooth as it could be, I was patient enough and care enough to find out what would happen between the two. Alessandro was impressive and charming. Good enough to hold audience attention, while Adam was convincing, in portraying the lover who felt cheated in the beginning to an individual hopelessly weakened by Andrea.

I love this film. :D

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  1. Faisal Admar said...
    the cover looks great. not sure about the storyline. you didn't tell much about it though :)

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