Antarctica (2008) is a Israel gay themed film offering. This film revolves around the men of Israel looking for love, and in between, sex. Plus the relationship between two lesbians. And a mother of a gay son and a lesbian daughter.

Omer (Tomer Ilan) looks for love, and wonders if he finds it in Danny (Yiftach Mizrahi), a 20 year old dancer. Danny looks for love too, but questions the age of Omer who is in his 30+. But that is the same age as Danny's housemate, Ronen (Guy Zoaretz), whom Danny had a fling with. Miki (Yuval Raz), Omer's best friend, likes Ronen. But chemistry clicks when Omer meets Ronen.

Antarctica? Omer's lesbian sister, Shirley (Lucy Dubinchik), wants to go to Antarctica, which means she has to leave her lover, Mikhal (Liat Ekta), behind.

Writer and director Yair Hochner has an interesting offering for the gay community here. Other than Yonathan and Too Hot In Tel Aviv, I don't really find myself hooked on things Isreal. Yeah, there were some recommended gay themed films from Israel, but I did not find them of my liking. But I like this film. Not because of the amount of gay sex at the first 10 minutes of the film. But because of the chemistry between Omer and Ronen. It is so charmingly done, and sweet enough to digest and believe that love can come for those who wait.. and love comes in the most common setting for lovers. Even gay lovers.

I love this film. Minus the slight confusion of differentiating who is who. But I still love it. :D


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