Baby Shark is written and directed by Pascal-Alex Vincent. This short film has three short stories. Running for only 15 minutes, the theme of this controversial short film is teens. The first story is about a skateboarder who visits his friends, and begins to be upset when he he is criticised. So, he whacks both friends with his skateboard. The second story deals with a boy who is obsessed with another straight boy. The obsessed awaits the latter outside of the classroom. The third story is about one twin is upset when the other twin gets a girl.

So, what's the deal with the gay theme? The first story shows how the cute skateboarder just asks his male friend, who looks high on drugs, for a BJ, and he gets a brief one, in front of the other equivalent high-on-drug-looking girl. The second one is obvious.

The twins should get attention as both are so cute. It looks like one twin is hooked on the other.

This short film was nominated for Best Short Film in Cannes Film Festival 2005.


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